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  1. I came from an AVIC D3 into this 5100 NEX, I never had to press an OK button everytime I started the truck with the D3 but the NEX does. Is there any way to get rid of this message? Also how to I save a favorite song on Sirius radio? Thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys, I have a AVIC-D3 that has been installed in my truck with the nav/video bypass since 2007 and has been working perfectly until recently. It started about 2 weeks ago when I got in the truck in the morning and the Sirius Sat was playing on the station that it was on when the truck was shut off but the screen said "Insert Appropriate Disc" even though the factory nav disc was in the unit. When this happens I can't do anything other than volume up and down and also my back up camera works. I called a local stereo shop and he had me reset the unit which screwed me for a day or so because
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