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  1. I was reading here on how to do it. I was always updating my x910bt but this is a whole different beast. Don’t know if I want to try it. I’ll toy with it some. Thanx
  2. Hi y’all I just got my 8200 back from wonderful Pioneer service center ($230.00 later) for an unresponsive touch screen. I hooked it up and everything is hunky Dory now except I get not maps whatsoever. Needless to say I’m a bit pissed! I had maps before I sent it out and now there is nothing. I was also having issue with the time adjustment as I had to up the GMT by 7 hours so that it would jive with my time zone (Central) but it seems to have corrected itself now. I had the setting in Automatic at first and it was way off even though I had great reception to most all of the satellites.
  3. Pioneer would'nt fix my 8100. So, the dealer credited me full price plus $175.00 and they rolled me in to an 8200. Better unit and the camera works. Pioneer sucks as far as they "forcibly" make you get the successor because they WILL NOT repair a unit still within the warranty. Lame, lame, lame. But, I got a better unit but.....
  4. This was a brand new unit from a Pioneer retailer, eh?
  5. Do you have an 8200??
  6. .......and it turns the screen black. Thats it. The unit is still powered up.
  7. Your unit is probably a lemon like mine was. It is back in Pioneers lap right now getting the same issue fixed. Mine is an 8100. Good luck. Bud
  8. I neve got the chance to try....its on the FedEx truck back to Pioneer
  9. Maybe related but my 8100 is on its way back to Pioneer because I had a similar issue with the backup camera. The damn park assist lines in the reverse camera window would come on when I first powered it on in the morning. I had it switched OFF in the system!! My rear cam just flat didn't work..period. I received a lemon and it is on the way back. This is the second time it has gone back to them. Seriously Rethinking my future relationship with Pioneer products. I should have kept my heavily modded F90bt in the truck. At least I wouldn't be driving around with a big hole in my dashbo
  10. No you do not. I see you read the section on the parking brake bypass and that is all that is necessary. I updated mine and I DO NOT have the wire grounded nor hooked up. It is just rolled up with a cable tie. It works fine and no occasional nag screen with a DVD in it either. Just follow the update instructions and you should be fine. Good luck! Bud
  11. I can clarify. I downloaded the 2015 Q3 HERE maps that were eluded to on this forum. I went to that site and downloaded all of the maps, poi's, extended poi's, buildings, licenses, etc. Most folks have done this successfully using the flash/update script (similar to the test mode I used on my F90BT) and then "forcedly" copying them into the folders. I was just wondering if I could just replace the existing files I got from Naviextras and replace them with the downloaded HERE files and THEN try to put them in using the synctool in the nav pull down menu. It's no big deal. at the risk of hosing
  12. Hi, Guys! I just downloaded the updates provided to me through Naviextras and am going to update my 8100NEX tomorrow. I had a thought, however. Is it possible to use his same thumb drive via the Synctools protocol if I were to add the 2015 Q3 maps and licenses I downloaded recently? I was going to replace all of the associated files in their respective folders, poi's, buildings, etc, and try it. Would it work or should I just update the maps as it is spelled out here in the forum? Thanx, Bud
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