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  1. avic 8200

    just wondering when using AA and spottily on my 8200, when you scroll through the playlists it only lets you go so far then says something about blocked due to safety , is there a way to disable this ? i was hoping holding down the screen while off and enabling the bypass would do it but nope.. so looking for some more info on this if anyone has any input.
  2. navigating with maps

    your so awesome thank you soooo much , trully.
  3. navigating with maps

    i installed a pioneer avic 8200 nex in my car , asd255 can i use this same test mode as i used for the 8100 ? and are you able to help me out with the bmute script for the 8200nex 1.07 firmware please
  4. 8100 NEX Firmware 1.09 upgrade

    i would just pull it out and wire up a usb cord , do it once and its always there , i wired up all my connections the 1st time to avoid this very issue.
  5. navigating with maps

    thank you so much , !!!! works like a charm . wish i knew what u did to do this and make it work , but this is the only mod i use .
  6. The AVIC Development Mod

    thank you ! , posting here for others this just adds a shortcut to the bottom menue of maps for mute button and volume control for 8100 and 1.09 firmware, credit goes to asd255 . AVIC_BMute_x100_1.09.rar
  7. The AVIC Development Mod

    Asd255 pioneer avic 8100 nex firmware 1.09 found the other thread here but this was for old firmware. , trully appreciate the help my friend. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/82342-navigating-with-maps/
  8. navigating with maps

    cant seem to locate what file i would need.
  9. navigating with maps

    Asd255 would you be willing to share this file again but for pioneer avic 8100 nex firmware 1.09 please
  10. The AVIC Development Mod

    anyone know what file it is you replace just to add the "mute button" on maps ? a while ago i posted somewhere asking about it and someone posted the file for me but i can member what one it was.

    Whew all sorted out updated the Bluetooth again and all is great!

    My bt update also seemed to take forever more I'll try and update it again

    anyone know what firmware was out for the 8100nex before the 1.09 ? ever scince i updated when calling somone they can hear themselves echo verry bad. all i can think of is the bluetooth update i did . i also tried a spare mic i had to rule that out. as well as different phone. would like to know if there's a way to rollback the bluetooth update.. ? also is there no settings for bluetooth echo canceling and noise reduction on these units , as i cant find them anywhere ?
  14. Microphone echos in 4100nex

    didi u ever get this resolved , i just started having this same problem on my 8100
  15. avic power off

    jhren could you please let me know where to wire the orange/white off the deck (lighting switch terminal as per manual) where to wire it to , so that the dimmer function will work ? im opening up my dash in the next day or so and would love to be able to dim the deck with my dimmer switch on my dash that controls the brightness of the dash light