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  1. Looks like this unit runs the same firmware as the F40BT, F930BT and F940BT. So yes, it should work.
  2. I wasn't rude, I said "Please". But you wrote 6 posts asking for help for the same problem (I deleted one that was in the wrong forum). That's spamming.
  3. New units do not come with a security password set. So you really are not doing the new owner a favor. In fact, he will probably be cursing you once he needs it and doesn't remember it. So unless you are selling it to your ex-wife, I'd say don't do it.
  4. 1. It should be permanent or until a new password is set 2. I don't know, I've never done it. It's in the user manual. If you don't have one search for one and download a copy. But I can not think of a good reason to ever set one. A year from now if your battery dies, are you going to remember it? It isn't a theft deterrent. A thief will still smash your window and destroy your dashboard removing the radio. He won't know it has a password. But if he searches online he'll find the instructions here to remove it.
  5. @Nicko29 Please stop spamming all over this web site. All you need to do is post once asking for help in the correct sub-forum. The people who can help will see it. You are just annoying everyone posting everywhere.
  6. Use a smaller SD (try 4 or 8 GB) and format it on a PC. I can't think of any other possible issues - assuming you correctly followed the instructions in post #1. BTW, you don't put the zip file on the SD. You un-zip it and put the extracted files on it.
  7. First, you didn't state your model. Second, this is an obsolete thread that hasn't been touched in 8 yrs. Assuming you have one of the covered AVIC models, I suggest you get someone who is "smart on downloading programs" and follow these simple instructions: Security Password Removal Script
  8. I just did a binary file comparison between the 2019 (v8) navi.exe and the 2017 (v7). They seem to be just re-compiled from the same source. So the same patch address should work. I patched it and attached here. Is someone brave enough to try? Use the same instructions as for the 2017 Nag Screen Removal, but use this file instead. 2017 No-Nag patch Instructions Use section 2 only. Do not try to install the old v7 Navi.exe. They have different internal version numbers. Navi.exe
  9. Not random. There are two complete sets of firmware on the unit (PRG0 and PRG1). When the unit installs a map update, it alternates overwriting one of them. It should overwrite the oldest. This is controlled by the presence or absence of /USER/PRG.FLG. From memory, it works something like this: When the unit is brand new, PRG0 and PRG1 are identical and PRG.FLG does not exist. The next map update overwrites PRG1 and creates PRG.FLG. The next time the unit is updated, it sees that PRG.FLG exists and overwrites PRG0 then deletes PRG.FLG. Then this cycle repeats ........ I don't know why o
  10. That error is probably because the SD was write-protected (or some other problem the script had while writing to the SD). The 2017 hack overwrote both copies (PRG0 and PRG1) of RenewalIFLib.dll, and installing the 2017 maps overwrote one of them with an "un-hacked" version. As long as PRG0 has the hacked version, you can get away without re-running the ShortFuse hack. Odds are 50/50 it will work. You got lucky. It all depends on how many updates have been installed over the life of the head-unit.
  11. Sorry, I don't know anything about the MRZ series. I see lots of posts regarding them (mostly about changing the language), but it isn't an area of interest for me.
  12. According to Italian section of the map installation manual, the prompt to enter the password is preceded with this screen: I don't speak or read Italian (or Dutch), but this is probably equivalent to what you described for your installation. After responding "Si", it prompts the user to enter the password. I think the image @maunav90 posted is after he entered "PASSWORDPASSWORD" and it was rejected. So it was asking the user to re-enter the password. I suspect that he never (or incorrectly) installed the Shortfuse hack, so the password it was expecting was the "real" one r
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