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  1. Avic X920BT upgraded to X940BT stuck at version 5.

    If it works now, it will work with 5.1. That was a patch to 5.0 to fix some issues with Apple Lighting support. BTW, it is still on Pioneer USA's site: Software Downloads Scroll down to X940 5.1 update. Read the instructions before installing.
  2. Avic X920BT upgraded to X940BT stuck at version 5.

    Keepin mind that you don't currently have a x-940, you have a X920 running v5.0 firmware. In the 5.1 update it clearly says:
  3. Got it. Pioneer_2017_maps-Z110-CRD5009A.pdf
  4. AVIC-X920BT Issues

    I wouldn't bother trying to install 2.003. It is obselete and if you've lived with it this long - you don't need it. Instead, update to the 2017 firmware and maps.
  5. On my Z110-BT it is in /USER/SETUP/BT. Here's mine but I don't know if it will work. Did you try just copy/deleting yours and see it it could be recreated? BTUNIT.DAT
  6. First make sure that your parking brake is detected as set. Go to Settings / Navi Settings / Connection Status and make sure it says Parking Brake is On. When Off, some settings and functions are grayed.
  7. I think there might be a few minor differences in the menus. Did you also update the Bluetooth to v3.32? I can't help with speed cameras. I think somewhere in this thread someone posted about that. We don't have that "feature" in the US. I assume your iPod is wired and your Samsung is through BT. If you are trying to use Pandora or Aha, there is a setting somewhere called App Connection" where you select wired or wireless (BT). iPods should be wired (USB) with the proper cable. Some people have reported problems with Samsung via BT. But whenever there are problems after a major update I recommend to do a cold-start by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.
  8. Depending on your previous version, you might not notice any changes unless a map in your area changed. Go to settings / System Settings / Service Information Verify it says v7.0.
  9. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    I don't know why some people have trouble getting that file. I can download it. I even reposted it here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83535-map-update-hack-using-shortfuse-method-z110-z140x920-x940/&do=findComment&comment=347222
  10. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    Shortfuse Hack
  11. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    So Testmode booted and you saw the menu? That's really all I wanted to know for now. That says your unit isn't totally bricked. There's some Youtube videos on TestMode but the operation is different between the X and Z series (different buttons). You probably won't need it anyway. If your unit already has 3.x on it, it won't do anything. So I'd try installing the 2017 maps/app. It is in the Z series sub-forum. First read and Install the shortfuse hack. That prepares the unit for the map installation. BTW - Z and X series use the same update. Good luck - you've got a lot of reading to do.
  12. If that is the only thing wrong, it sounds like a settings issue. I just looked in the X series operations manual and it mentions you can turn off guidance by pressing the center of the volume knob. A long press mutes everything. A short press mutes guidance. Also check System Settings/Volume Settings to see both the Guidance volume level and the guidance mute icon.
  13. X930bt stay stuck in splash screen

    What update and what happened when you tried to install it? Did it do nothing? Have you tried TestMode? BTW, I see no point in installing v3.x software. If it happened out-of-the-blue then It sounds like a hardware problem.
  14. I am certain that the error is when the script is executing the command: COPY USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY\PASSWORD.DAT SD\PASSWORD.DAT That means it can't write to SD. There is the only one COPY command in the script. If you want, you can edit ScriptExec.ini and remove that line. You will not have a backup, but that should not hurt.
  15. It can't write to the SD. Is the write-protect on?