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  1. There is nothing wrong with the zip file posted by godzilla. So these files are not necessary. I suspect you used an incorrect password when you unzipped the file.
  2. Sorry, I only use TestMode file manager to copy/paste/delete files. I've looked at the many other functions but with only sketchy documentation, they were too dangerous to try on a working headunit. Over the years I remember someone saying he got Forced Program Write to reload his files. But I've never done it. You have already made thins worse by playing with it. You will need someone with a similar F series unit since my files aren't the same. All this discussion is off topic for this thread and adds unnecessary clutter for people interested in this topic.You should start another one. I'll move the extraneous posts to it.
  3. 2017 new maps for avic

    The map upgrade installs the latest firmware (v7.0).
  4. 2017 new maps for avic

    No need to upload anything. Yes, you'll need to do some reading and put more effort in to using the files here.There is a thread started by user godzilla that has everything you need.
  5. 2017 new maps for avic

    I hate to see bootleggers make a profit selling pirated software. You can get the same maps free just looking around here. Or you can give them your money and hope for the best.
  6. Yeah, that doesn't seem like something to try when you don't know what it does. Did I forget to mention TestMode is very dangerous? Even the manual is vague about what that does.
  7. Yes Navi.exe needs to be in the APL sub-directory. PRG.FLG is just an empty file. Its sole purpose is to tell the boot loader which is the active PRG directory under \USER (if PRG.FLG is present Active == PRG1, otherwise PRG0). So you can actually use any file renamed to PRG.FLG. I just create one by opening Notepad and Save As. I can only guess now but if you hadn't madly starting moving files around you should of fixed it by putting the original Navi.exe back into USER\PRG1\APL (after deleting the one there). I wonder if you accidentally deleted something. It's easy to do in TestMode. You said you tried re-installing the update. Did it actually do anything? I thought it would not re-install over itself (same version number).
  8. Sounds like everything you try just keeps making things worse. Law of Holes. Make a backup of USER before doing anything. I'm guessing you ignored my advice in the Nag Screen thread and didn't make a backup. Since you said you deleted USER\PRG.FLG that would indicate that PRG1 was the active directory after after installing v7.0. Correct? So create again a USER\PRG.FLG. Then delete USER\PRG1\NAVI.EXE. Then copy NAVI.EXE from the original 2017 image and put it in USER\PRG1. If that doesn't fix the "No Applicable Program error, you deleted other things and I doubt I can help. BTW, you didn't install HackMode, did you?
  9. I don't know. I assume it would work with any SD with the FIRMWARE folder in root.
  10. Reading your other post, it seems you were saying your BT was not functional even before installing the new maps/BT. These BT modules have been known to fail. I remember seeing some for sale recently but I don't remember where. You can do a Forced Program Write of the BT firmware. I suspect the actual drivers are stored in some other file system not directly accessible via Testmode file maintenance. See if you can find a Service Manual for your unit. I have one for a Z110 which also is a manual for TestMode. There are several diagnostics for testing the BT module. Here's the Z110-BT Service Manual
  11. Make sure in the SD root, ithere is only CardInfo.CIF, and the directories UPDATE & FIRMWARE (optional since you already updated BT). Then, if nothing happens (not even the first update screen), it would have to be the wrong CARDINFO file.
  12. Two most likely guesses: 1. You don't actually have a X930bt. What does it say on the face? Loading 2015 maps doesn't change that model number. 2. Something is wrong with your SD. What files/folders are in root? What size is the SD? Is it FAT32?
  13. You don't need testmode. The BT firmware for this release is on the SD in the \Firmware directory. You didn't give any detail on what you did and what went wrong doing the BT update through BT settings.
  14. No -just as it says in my post. Do not change anything. Must be something wrong with your SD. Otherwise it is very foolproof. What exactly does it say? Make sure it is FAT32 formatted and it is not write protected (the slide switch on the side of the SD).
  15. Avocado 930bt

    Security Password Removal Script for Z110/120/130/140, x920/930/940