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  1. Here we go guys https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o7rfWz2qB67V5p9CfuMb0SpmMTGNjLuN Software https://drive.google.com/open?id=13k1m5B19rP-D3lhQbGSbvUqpp5OryJMJ - TTS CD as promised Regards Godzilla
  2. Thank you mroset for your faith in me the reward is its arrived today both the card and a cd with instructions on the CD and TTs files i am going to upload both to my drive tomorrow and post the links tomorrow evening for download exactly as i received them, then off to the boffins to get it working for everyone to share. I do not own one of these units so cannot test the short fuse hack to see if that works . This is for a F940BT so will work with all of the series of units like the F930BT etc Regards Godzilla
  3. Ok guys here is the situation the card was ordered nearly three weeks ago according to the delivery status its sent. Its coming from the Netherlands and unfortunately the post office is running on a minimum staff due to the covid 19 situation. First class deliveries in the UK can take up to Ten days to arrive . The other point is the card is promised to the highest donator and i am not , not going to do that as i am good to my word , sure things have been hard my end with not only undergoing Chemo but the Spinal surgery, i am not putting this for pity but for understanding . I am hoping it may
  4. Hi Guys thanks for your patience I have finally had my Spinal Operation and came out of hospital two weeks ago and feeling well enough now to carry on. Its been longer than i intended and for that i apologise, i can reveal the person with the highest donation is bsandu and i have emailed him direct to find out what unit he has. I will order the kit this week and i will submit to the group within hopefully the next fortnight. Once again sorry for the delays my intentions have always been good and the doubters who have passed on the sarcastic comments (tend to be the non donators mostly strange
  5. No basically I will order the card for the highest donator then when received I will copy the software releasing the software to the group then send the original card and the un used serial number to the highest donator - as I said from the very beginning. Remember I originally purchased the 2017 update to the whole group as soon as I received it after I paid for it , just needed this time around help to get it it due to change in circumstances. So the biggest donator will receive the original pack regards Godzilla
  6. Hi Guys will post winner in the next couple of days and will place the order with pioneer which will take two weeks to arrive. Sorry for the delay. Godzilla
  7. Any news about the update mate?

  8. Hi guys sorry been out of contact for a while I have unfortunately been in and out of hospital due to a spinal injury which I am now waiting for an operation in the next couple of weeks . Great way to spend Christmas. Anyway target has been released I will work out the winner of the full software and what model unit they have and then order the software directly from pioneer . Thanks all for your donations and your patience- regards Godzilla
  9. Okay Guys to give you a total of who has generously donated and how much here we go:) Incidentally thanks everyone who has donated so far we are nearly there Nicki C 15.00 dcams01 10.00 Eberhard H 5.55 Thorsten S 8.88 Ed Van D 10.00 Maurizio N 10.00 Davide G 8.00 Hennadii V 10.00 Franco A
  10. Hi Godzilla - I've just bought a car with an F930BT and it's on v3 with very old Australian maps.  I saw your thread looking for donations for the latest update.  I'm happy to contribute but (a) want to make sure it'll work with my unit and (b) retain Australian maps (don't want to update and end up with European maps or something!).

    To go one step further, if you would also be able to get the latest Australian maps (I see others have requested this too) I would be happy to donate generously, because I can't see any means (paid or otherwise) to update the old maps it's got.


  11. Okay two years and another release for all these machines. Last time i bought the software and spread the wealth this time i need help as my situation has changed . I firstly need to buy the software with the highest donator getting the original pack and the unused key, Everybody else will get the software for free every Euro , Dollar or pound will help my payal me address is paypal.me/salsatnav I will keep you in the loop with daily updates till we reach £125 then i will post it here for FREE have a feeling Rons Shortfuse hack will do it again Lets all help each other
  12. Hello godzilla,

    I am looking for the latest Australia maps for my F930BT. Can you help me out here? I am hoping to run a complete upgrade tomorrow or over the coming weekend.


  13. Hi


    I want to ask why i cant connect my iphone x whit bluethooth


    pioneer avic f930bt

  14. Hi Guys glad everyone is having fun with the files just a re minder of password for people you must include the parenthesis - Password is 'Dracarys' exactly as shown Regards Godzilla
  15. Hi Guys here is the password the mail server is getting overloaded I do not want to see this being shared on any other forum apart from this one as i have done this to help everyone on this forum because its helped me so much in the past please respect this and hope the master PIONARA helps out details here Hi Password is 'Dracarys' exactly as shown Regards Godzilla Lol Game Of Thrones Fan
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