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  1. Hieronder heb je flitspalen, ze zijn helaas niet van deze tijd maar je kunt het proberen.Uitpakken en de map PC op een sd kaartje zetten en dan in je navigatie drukken, dan vraagt hij om zwarte punten te installeren en dan zouden ze erin moeten staan. Succes ermee Blackspots.rar
  2. AVIC-F950BT Maps Update

    i have the new european software but i can't copy the sd card, ehen i insert it into my computer it asks to format the sd
  3. Speedcams for F9310BT

    Your welcome! and this is very old and i don't know if the update the speedcams. this was bought from poibase.com
  4. Speedcams for F9310BT

    The unit accepts speedcams but not on the way you added them, in the link http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=18892399194920218897 you can find a rar file and that's the way it works. Greetings from Holland
  5. RonS You are good with linux script! Great work mate
  6. Yes this is for the AVIC-F30 930 940BT versions
  7. I hope that pionara joins this forum in a few day's, he is the man who fixed the verinfo.dat @ the 2015 maps Let's shout his name PIONARA!!! Dit someone try'd to use the verinfo file from the 2015 update? don't know if it works but worth a try ?
  8. Hi try this The tutorial is in the link below http://prntscr.com/fuuwu2
  9. That could be the solution indeed, I didn't understand what you were saying about the USB earlier. Thnx
  10. Speed pulse pop up message

    markich07 there's a pink wire at the back of your navigation and that's the speedpuls wire, do you have a led measure instrument? if you put the clamb to the ground en the led to the 6739 wire then you can see flikkering the led when you drive with your car. 10km/h should be enough to measure
  11. I want to read the sd card in my computer, it's not visible due to the format of the sd card. i want to find out wich program i need to see the content on the sd card! Today i installed it on AVIC-F950BT and it works like a charm. Hope that someone will find out what to do or give me a tip
  12. Speed pulse pop up message

    Behind the headlight on the left side there is a bunch of wires, look at a wire with number 6739 on it, that's the wire from the speedsignal
  13. Hi Ron, i looked at the topic but i cant see the solution about to read the sd card. Tommorow im gonna try to install the update and hope to know more by tommorow evening