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  1. Hello Diaftia, You have done some fantastic work here. I was wondering though if the mod would run on an AVIC-F930BT Australia unit with firmware version 6.0. Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I had a question. I am from Australia with a F930BT HU in my Lancer. I was wondering if there was any way I could replace the maps in RonS's update with maps of Australia. Let me know if anyone has any bright ideas regarding this. I am quite new to all of this stuff, so I hope to get good guidance. Oh and I forgot to mention that my unit is updated to firmware version 4.0 with 2015 map updates as provided by Pioneer Australia. Cheers!
  3. Australia 2017/2018 Maps for AVIC-F930BT

    Any one in this forum who can help me out here? I am really hoping to update my F930BT to newer maps and firmware. Even a firmware update to version 7.0 would be highly welcome.
  4. Thanks RonS... let's see how my update to the 2015 version goes and then take things ahead from there. Cheers!!
  5. Thanks for the reply mate. I already contacted the local Pioneer outfit and they informed me that the last map update for the F930BT was in 2015. Nothing available after that. Looks like my hunt goes on. In the meanwhile, perhaps you can help me with another thing. How can I update my F930BT to firmware V7.0 without updating the maps? If I have the latest firmware, maybe I can then look at hacking some maps and installing that on my unit. Cheers!!!
  6. Hello RonS, I have been reading your posts and I was wondering if you can help me out. I have a pioneer avic-f930bt currently on firmware version 3.0 and possibly 2011/2012 Australia maps. I am hoping to update it to the latest firmware and maps. Would you by chance have Australia maps available that I could install with firmware v7.0 on my unit? It would be great if you could help me or point me in the right direction. Just FYI... This is my first pioneer unit and I am a total novice in this. Look forward to hearing from you on my request soon. Cheers! Gangs
  7. Hello Everyone, I just installed an AVIC-F930BT on my Mitsubishi. The firmware on the head unit is 3.0, but the maps seems to be really old. I guess they are 2013/14 maps. I am looking to update them to the latest Australia maps, preferably 2017/2018 if available. Anyone has any idea where I can find them? I don't even know which maps are currently installed on the unit, but I guess they must be IGO maps. I contacted Pioneer Australia and they said the last released maps they have for the F930BT are the 2015 ones. So need some help here. I am a total newbie to this system, so any and all help is most welcome.
  8. Hello godzilla,

    I am looking for the latest Australia maps for my F930BT. Can you help me out here? I am hoping to run a complete upgrade tomorrow or over the coming weekend.