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  1. Hello everyone! Long time no speak. I got notified that the links had gone bad to my downloads. Links updated in the first post.
  2. Just checking in to see how things are going. I have not looked at other pages. I will make these replies brief since I am swamped at work but thought I would do what I can with the little time I have. The features were never really documented except in this thread. AutoKarta shows you the time that it would have taken to go on an old route if the route was recalculated. It will show the distance and if its Faster/Slower. Use the plan mode screen for this. Place the cursor on the camera to be deleted or added. If no camera exists in the location the cursor is then it wi
  3. Yes, tons. The easiest way is to change the font file itself but I have a feeling that there will be spacing and size issues since not all fonts are created equally. The alternative is to change all of the font= tags in the code. There are a TON of them.

  4. Hello there,

    It works great! Very happy with it! But I have a question; is it a lot of trouble to change the fonts in the navigation? You used digital and bnd. Can i change this?

    Thanks for the great work you did!

  5. Do a search for "hide" or "av hide". I want to say its at the bottom of the settings.ui file but it could be navigatemap.ui. Not sure what you mean about the address button. If you mean the quick menu button that is a but complex but there are offset settings already in the options. Thanks Harvey! Used to have almost a thousand a while back. My version 1 mods thread was deleted and when they restored it all my posts were still gone. I probably have over 2K but there is no way to prove that. Thanks man... always good to know you are making an impact someplace
  6. Wow! Thank you so much Geoff! That was very generous of you and I greatly appreciate the donation! Thank you as well to everyone for the warm send off. I am glad you all have enjoyed my mods over the years and have found them useful. Hopefully this won't be the last you see of me. I am definitely a fan of Pioneer and will keep an eye on them.
  7. Hello All- Sorry I have been so out of touch lately. I have a newborn baby in my life (now two weeks old) along with a 4 year old. Add to that that I work for a startup which is 1 month away from releasing our first product and things are quite busy. Add yet another complication to the mix and that is that I sold the car which my AVIC was in so I can't do any testing. It had to go with the package so to speak. I am hoping to get another AVIC for my new car but none of the current ones seem to be as moddable as the older versions. I will continue to keep a lookout though. If anyon
  8. The nav warning screens are not mod specific. You need the "Carver" mods. Do a search for nag screen warning or something. You can also do a search for threads by "carver". My mods do not include maps (the download would be over 1gb). You can get the maps from other threads. My mods include the license files you need. Yes your ipod will work fine. You just need to make sure you are running 3.x. If that is via pioneer or by downloading the update from this forum its all the same.
  9. Not sure what you mean by nav screens but yes the parking brake mods are done and I have customized a bunch of screens. I guarantee that if you install you will fall in love with your AVIC again.
  10. I chose not to include them since I do not use them myself. There is a lot of overhead in the file sized and I don't like how it changes files on the system. A lot of headache for something I personally never use. Alex
  11. Just move that stuff into a folder. So create a folder called "extras" or whatever... copy the contents of the SD card into it. Then extract my contents to the SD card. My mods dont care if there are items on the SD card but I have to put that in the directions to avoid conflicts with other stuff that might be on the card. My installer runs from \Storage Card\... I am not sure how a USB mounts. If it mounts with \Storage Card\ then it will work fine.
  12. Updated version to fix AV icon added to first post. Version now 3.6.
  13. Someone just brought this up to me. I have a fix and will call it 3.6. Let me upload it and change the first post.
  14. Awesome. Thanks man. Appreciate it. Then absolutely yes. My mods will work with 4.0.
  15. I have searched and searched (even going to look on the US, EU and AU pioneer support sites) for 4.0 firmware. I just dont see anything. Can anyone provide information on this? I thought I remember reading someplace that there was a regional specific update that was being called 4.0 and was fairly minor. But searching here has yielded nothing.
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