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  1. @djexplorer i did the hack, and afther that i installed the maps. Just for sure.
  2. It is installed and it works well, just a pity that some street names are not known suddenly, or a roundabout that is not in the right place, but it works well. Thank you
  3. @spoon1Thank you for the quick respons, so i need the link from godzilla and can use your guide? the card info frrom the car i need? or is that thje old onefrom 2017 form the site? sorry for al these questions
  4. Hi there, tnx it is ok with @godzilla and thanx for sharing. @spoon1what can i use for the 9220BT? Im not that handy, i need the document what you post, and is that also for the 9220? and about the dutch file, is that afther te update? Best regards, Jan
  5. hi there mate, is there any news @godzilla ???
  6. wow! is that also for F9220BT? where can i find it @spoon1
  7. @Spoon is there some realse from you ? i have the 2017 maps, but there is so mutch change here .
  8. recommended 2018 map update f900bt

    Is this also for F9220BT?
  9. 2019 Maps (announcement only)

    is someone going to post this update here maybe? I think it's quite a lot of money to buy. Greetings, Brommie
  10. Update f9220BT

    Hello all, I understand there is an update from Pioneer, but when can I expect it here? What I have now is full of bugs, speeds that are not correct, roads that are not (yet) on it. Greetings, Brommie
  11. Custom Backround Request

    Wow, thank you this is great!!!!
  12. Custom Backround Request

    F9220BT We have a Mondeo 2007version, can you make that as background? Thanks
  13. Looking for 2018 update F9220BT

    No One?
  14. Looking for 2018 update F9220BT

    Hello Community, I am searching a long time for the New 2018 Europe's update for Pioneer Avic F92220BT vas anybody got it? I would be very thankful! Greetings Brommie