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  1. Easiest way to test functionality before installing

    Hi, You'll need a 12V Power Supply and some probes or solid-wire. http://images.sonicelectronix.com/images/161957/big/avicd3.jpg You have to apply 12V to the 2 Pins in the lower Right and Ground to the upper right Pin of the Connector (Power Supply 10A) Now it should come alive.
  2. Hello, i got a AVIC-MRZ99 (almost similar to Z110BT) and i bricked it by replacing PRG0 and PRG1 Folders. Now it stucks in boot-loop It's a japanese Unit and i wanted to replace the Software with an english version. Now the Splash-Screen pops up and the device reboots immediately ... and so on and so on. I can't enter Test-Mode again to put my backup back into the device. I tried some Testmode.key's from this forum including supertestmode. After a couple of reboots and holding Eject Key it shows the Message CAUTION - Test Mode FailedStarting [Turn Off ACC] Some *.exe missing? i don't know how it works. I want to understand the boot-mechanism. I got the Z110BT Service Manual with Schematics in it. The CPU-Board is almost the same. Where does the Splash-Screen comes from? Is it a pre-bootloader? The CPU is a Sirf Prima (ARM1136 core) and i think the System is stored in an e-NAND (Hynix H26M44). Its a NAND Flash with MMC Interface. But it is a BGA with solder-balls (hard to solder wires to it ... I thought maybe I can solder wires to it and build some kind of MMC-Card Adapter) Now i need to access this e-NAND or maybe i can boot from SD-Slot? I soldered switches with Pull-Up resistors to the Test_Mode Pins of the Sirf-Prima. So I can access following boot-modes: - External ROM Boot [default] - NAND Boot - Embedded ROM NAND Boot - Embedded ROM SD/MMC Boot Only the default shows up the Splash-Screen. All other turn on the backlight of the LCD and the Screen stays black. Can anyone explain the boot-sequence? Maybe i try to access the Memory with JTAG or anyone knows another solution to get my backup (i got a backup of the whole USER folder) back onto the device???? Thanks
  3. Hi, i also own a MRZ99 Unit. I bricked mine, cuz i tried to replace PRG0 and PRG1 (And BOOT Folder <-- this bricked mine, to a Splash-Screen Bootloop ) However, you can enter Test-Mode by holding the NAV Button (left japanese button in the middle) and pressing right --> left --> right --> left --> right --> left and then release the NAV Button. Unit will restart in Testmode. But be careful! Good Luck
  4. Hi, sorry for posting in the wrong Subforum, but I didn't find a M-Series Subforum. I bought a Pioneer Carrozzeria AVIC-MRZ99 on eBay. It's a japanese Unit from an imported Car. The Problem is, you can't change the language to english... you can't change it generally :/ Does anyone know if I can install another firmware to this device? Maybe this device was sold in EU or USA with another Name. Hard to find some infos about it, all in japanese language :/ I tried several Testmode.key Files from this forum, but none of them worked for me. Just get the Error Message: CAUTION! TEST MODE FAILED STARTING! [Turn off ACC] Any Solutions to get it work? Thanks & sorry for my bad english