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  1. I'm in South Africa and ordered a headunit from the US as they weren't out here yet... not the first time I've done this, so besides for warantee issues, the only problem I've found is the US radio frequencies all end in a uneven number ie 88.1, 88.3, 88.5 where most of the radio stations in south africa end in an even number. Never listen to the radio anyway, so doesn't bother me. If you do go ahead and purchase one, maybe make an image of your firmware in case something goes wrong in the future.
  2. Hi guys Had this problem today, and thankfully this forum exists so manage to rummage through the pages and then put a fix together. Thought I'd save future people some hassle and just put in one thread (I dont take credit for the IMG, it was found in the IMG thread but here goes) This will repair the boot loop loading screen. First off, you'll need a replacement SD card, the one I used was still stuck in the headunit as I used to use it for firmware updates and had a few tracks on. The image file is just over 8gig but I used a 64gb one because it was what I had. I'm sure a 1
  3. Ok, so first run through, with 4G (my iPhones LTE) disabled and 3G enabled it dropped twice in a second and then was perfect. 2nd run it dropped 4 times in 2seconds. Normally with 4G it'll drop a lot with long pauses over 5-10 seconds, so definitely a huge improvement. Still doesn't fix the problem though. Still don't get why it's not happening to everybody with the 4400. I've only ever found one other post about this which I can't even find anymore, and I'm pretty sure the guy got a replacement from Pioneer and that ended up doing the same thing, which almost leads me to believe its
  4. Yes, sorry, clipping was probably the wrong term, it is a loss of wireless signal. This is what I suspect too... the road close to me that it always happens at literally runs alongside power lines. Strange thing is I have overhead power lines all around me here and it doesn’t happen when I drive under some of the other ones. How could they produce wireless tech that can be affected by power lines?! then again, surely this would be happening to absolutely everyone using wireless CarPlay and not just some people? Going to be testing shortly up that road disabling L
  5. Hi Everyone As the title states, my music app has been cutting out/ clipping on and off sound for a few seconds at a time. Almost feels like its briefly losing connection like when you going out of bluetooth range. This is using CarPlay in wireless mode. I tried the other day to use a cable connection, but the cable in the car is not an original apple charger (gave a message of unsupported hardware or something) but the phone still charges with this cable. The clipping still continued so Im guessing the hu is still using wifi for data transfer. Then I figured out its been happeni
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