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  1. iOS 11.2.5 breaks CarPlay on NEX4000

    Same issue with iOS 11.2.5 on AVH-4100NEX. I've been an Apple fan for quite some time now but in the past few years I am getting the impression that their focus has switched from innovation to fiscally satisfying shareholders. With that being said, I have never felt that Apple Carplay has received the attention it so very much deserves.
  2. AVH-4100nex issues after iOS9 update

    I was hoping there was a forum for these stereos and I found it! Anyway, I purchased said radio back in May and it worked fine up until I upgraded my iPhone 6+ to iOS9. Siri only responds to voice commands about 60% of the time. On iOS 8 anytime I received a incoming text message Siri would say "New Text Message from xxxxxx", now it just beeps. Pandora is the only 3rd party app that will display on the stereo. Just downloaded the new Waze app and when I launch it I see the Pioneer logo on my phone but it never displays anything on the stereo. I sent Pioneer Electronics a message on Twitter just to see if they are working on a firmware release to make the unit more compatible with iOS 9. Not sure I understand the use of this AppRadio app in the iTunes store. I downloaded it but it does nothing. Kinda seems like Pioneer has just abandoned this unit. Anyway, just curious if I'm the only one seeing these issues.
  3. AVH-4100nex issues after iOS9 update

    I've read the manual and I don't see anything in there that says it requires a different connection than a lightning cable. I've tried two separate iPhones, I've reset the 4100nex, tried CarPlay and AppRadio and Waze app will still not display on the unit. I'm not sure how others are getting this to work but it doesn't for me. Can you tell me what "physical connection" you are using to get it to work for you?
  4. AVH-4100nex issues after iOS9 update

    Well, disabling CarPlay did nothing. Still can't get Waze to show up on the radio. Not sure what is going on.
  5. AVH-4100nex issues after iOS9 update

    So I had Waze enabled for external display but I just got a black screen on my phone with the Pioneer logo and the 4100nex never changed. So are you saying that if I want to display Waze on my 4100nex I have to disable CarPlay? I'll give that a shot on my way home tonight. It's a shame this stuff seems so fragmented.