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  1. Cheapest way to get map updates for 7100NEX?

    I bought from the same vendor to upgrade my 6100. All I can add is they installed easily and work fine. Worth the $35 IMO. When you're finished, you'll have an SD to USB adapter and a couple SD cards to do with as you wish - One of them is a 16 Gb . . . . . or, you could sell the update to someone else who needs it for $20 or $25 Don
  2. USB 1 vs USB 2

    Thanks! I overlooked the simple answer to my question - When you have music on a USB drive, the unit will tell you which USB port it's using. The cable I have plugged into USB 1 has a female end on it which makes updating firmware & maps easy - A USB stick plugs right in. USB 2 has a cable which plugs into my Android phone I updated both the firmware and the maps with no problems! Don
  3. Errors in the NAV Spoken Word

    Well, the new maps uploaded successfully. I also installed the version 1.10 firmware - It had version 1.05 previously. And . . . . I found out why I couldn't upload the patch to eliminate the start-up screen. Mine is a 6100 and the patch only works on 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 units Next time we take the van somewhere, I'll report back as to whether this solved my problem Don
  4. USB 1 vs USB 2

    Believe me, I did look! - Just spent the better part of an hour rereading the users manual. They don't always tell you the simple stuff I'm getting ready to update my maps and I know I need to use USB 1 for this, but which is which? I have a USB memory stick with my music on it plugged into one cord and I plug my phone into the other - Which is which? Thanks! Don
  5. Errors in the NAV Spoken Word

    Well, more than 60 reads here about this and evidently nobody but me is experiencing this issue I'm guessing the errors are in my old maps and not the software - My 6100 came with 2012 maps and I found a guy on eBay who sells 2017 Q2 maps for the 5100 and 6100 units on an SD card for $35. Supposed to be so simple to install that even I can do it For reference . . . . I've downloaded the patch to turn off the @#$% screen on start-up, but haven't managed to get that installed correctly yet This stuff isn't simple for me and I'm in constant fear of bricking my unit! We'll see what happens when I get the new maps installed and I'll let you all know later. Gotta be worth $35 even it it doesn't solve the problem, just to have the new maps . . . . right? Don
  6. Didn't know what else to title this as I have an NEX 6100 with what I assume is still the factory maps and firmware - I've never upgraded it anyway When navigating, it will often say "Take Exit 51 dot" which I assume is the computer 'speaking 51. because there's a period after the 51? Sometimes it will say "Continue on Interstate 20 Double-You-Bee" Which I assume is 20 WB, or westbound The weird part is what it does for 'eastbound' - It doesn't say 'E B' but instead it says 'exabyte' - Anytime there's an EB, it says 'exabyte' instead Anyone else ever hear this? Has there ever been an upgrade to correct it? Would I need to upgrade the maps to fix it, or upgrade the firmware? Sorry to bother you high tech types with this piddly little stuff, but who else to ask? Thanks! Don
  7. I did the install using the Axxess XSVI-5524-NAV harness in my 2014 Ford Transit Connect. When I first turned the system on, everything worked OK, but when I switched to the Map mode, the unit reported that it didn't find the Vss signal, so it would revert to the hybrid mode. This was evidently caused because I had the switch in the Accessory position and not the On position and the 'brainbox' with the harness doesn't output the Vss signal in the Accessory position My question is . . . . will the unit recognize and make use of the Vss signal when it's present or, will I have to pull the fuse and reinitialize everything with the switch on the On position so the Vss is present when the Map mode is first initialized? - If it did this once I started driving, it didn't give any indication I would just pull the fuse and start over, but that involves taking the dash apart (don't ask!) and I don't care to go through that if I don't need to Thanks! Don
  8. Local button is greyed out

    Which NEX unit do you have? Has this problem existed since you installed it, or did it once work correctly? Is the antenna cable plugged in? Don
  9. CD Artwork when playing CD on AVIC 8200 NEX

    I agree. I don't have any artwork from the CD's themselves on my 6100, but if I buy tunes from Amazon and put them on a USB stick, the artwork does show on the screen Don
  10. Playing Songs From USB

    We have a USB stick with 500 songs on it we use in all three of our cars. On my PC, the songs are listed first by the track number they were on the original CD I copied them from, and then alphabetically. For example there are about 25 or 30 songs which were the first track on the CD and those are then sorted by the first letter of the song title - 2 or 3 songs which begin with 'A' and then a few more with 'B' and so on In my other two cars with stock headunits, the songs play in that same order - The '01' songs, a to z and then the '02' songs and so forth On my AVIC 6100NEX, the songs play in alphabetical order, from A to Z - Doesn't sound like a problem, but there are sometimes 4 or 5 songs with the same title by different artists and those all play back to back - Not ideal to be listening to the same song for 15 or 20 minutes Anyone have any idea why this is and/or what to do about it? I know there's supposed to be some way to play the tracks in random order (which would be fine I guess) but I've yet to figure out how to make that happen Thanks! Don