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  1. Wiring Harness

    I have a 2008 Mazda cx 7 with Bose system. Does anyone know which wiring harness would work with my built in Bose system and my 6200NEX? Not all functions work with the one the installer used.
  2. I just had my 6200nex installed in my 2008 mazda cx-7 that has a bose sound system. the installer said he used the correct installation equipment but my fader control and speaker source levels wont work. The fader system works with the front speakers but not the rear. On top of that, my air conditioner quit working. One of the controls he installed was suppose to tie into the car temp display and now the temp display is not there. Do you know what would cause this? He might have used the wrong equipment, installed it wrong, or, the 6200nex just plain wont work with the bose sound system. Please help!!