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  1.    OK I have just did some updates to my Z110.   The first update was the 2013 and then the 2017.  What I wanting to know is what model of Z do I have now?  120, 130 or the 140 so I know what manual to download from Pioneer.  And one other thing is there anyway to remove the Pandora and Aha icons?  I don't use them, I use a 160gb Ipod Classic for my av needs.

    I believe you have the Z140BH now. BTW, does your audio play through line in? I would like to use Spotify in my car. 

  2. So I have an AVIC Z120 that came with my car.. it seems it has version 3.00000 as per the system settings page. Are there any lightning cable firmware upgrades I need for this before I update to the 2017 maps? What do I need to get Spotify audio running through the USB cable instead of bluetooth?

    Thank you!


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