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  1. Problems with AVIC 8200 NEX

    Thanks for the help. Obvioulsy, that is a common phrase that implies that I have tried everything that I could come up with. I am hoping that there is someone here that has seen this particular issue before and has tried something that I have not been able to come up with. (or someone here that is just much smarter than me..... i am okay with either). If you do not have anything to add to a potential soultion, just move on and ignore my question. It is always better to keep your thoughts to yourself and to be thought a fool than to share them and remove all doubt. Keep that in mind in the future.
  2. Problems with AVIC 8200 NEX

    Good morning. I am hoping that you guys may have some ideas that can help me with some issues that I am having with my AVIC 8200 NEX. Thanks in advance. I have had the NEX for about a year. I have been having the same issues intermittently since shortly after the install. It does not happen all of the time. It migh go weeks or longer with out an incident. And then it may happen multiple times in the same week I use the 8200 in connection with my iphone 7 plus. Both the NEX and iphone have been recently updates to the most recent firmware and operating systems. Here is the issue: I will be in the car listening to someting either via bluetooth (either podcasts or audio book or the like) and the sound just cuts out. Everything still shows as connected. When this happens it does not matter what I do or what I try to connect to, i cannot get any sound from anything (bluetooth, usb, sirius, etc) All of the inputs show as playing but no sound comes out whatsoever. I have tried everyting to correct this without any luck. It just seems to correct itself after I get out of the car. I am clueless on what to try. Any thoughts?