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  1. avic-zh07

    Hi all ive been searching all over the web and cant find anything on the aviczh07. my unit I have keeps saying please wait then re boots. harddrive was clicking so put a new one in. but all it does it say please wait starting up then reboots and tells me the harddrive cant be used. I have tried the test mode and does not show any files in file manager however when I look at the info it shows the boot loader version and platform incliding the boot loader. but im new to this and its in Japanese so using a translator to get to settings to check all. nothing showing on hd sd or nand. strange. as its showing no files yet I know there will be most likely have files on the unit. any help appreciated
  2. Avic Zh07

    you may need to insert an sd card before it displays i think by reading from Dzo