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  1. I checked this link , but I'm not geek person ))))

    if some body can share this 2 files with manual how to do it , it will be much easy for me )))

    thank you anyway


    I got everything I needed to get it working on my F90BT (Spectec WiFi driver DLL + most of the registry entries) from the MioPocket release. http://netfresco.com/MioPocket/ Give it a look through, lots of educational value to their MortScript, etc.

  2. Hi gyes, somebody help me !!!

    I can't download these files, because megaupload is dead, but I need to configure SPECTEC card.

    Maybe somebody can upload this files to rapishare ...etc

    I would be very grateful if someone can help.




    Edit 08.27.09:


    Here is Testmode booting from USB and loading the spectec driver. Please proceed with copying the opera folder to 'My Flash Disk' as before. Credits to Carver for testmode & FourG for the wifi script. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GG9DOXYA


    Hi guys,


    Here's what I did to get internet going on my F500BT with the Spectec SDW-821. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work on the other AVIC's. Attached is the link to required files.


    Download attached file and extract to a folder. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W6U10ZD4 .Inside you will find:


    1. The Spectec driver for CE 5.0. To install simply copy to your flash disk and double-click on the cab file. Once done, insert your wifi card and it will detect and launch the wifi manager. At this point you can connect to your wifi network and add the key if required.

    2. The Opera browser edited to work on CE 5.0 without install. Open the rar archive on your pc to follow the simple readme installation instructions for this one.


    That's it!


    Edit: Confirmed working on 3.02 / WINCE

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