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  1. Of the 140 downloads, anyone has success upgrade F500BT to 3.0 including the WinCE image? thanks


    Upgrading iGo alone is not very useful, and it break other functions.


    What did it break? I'm using new version of iGO & 2009.6 map with Diaftia Mod and I didn't see any issues.

    I could not find WinCE image for F500BT. It would be nice if someone can share it.


  2. This is a great mod. I've loved having this installed since I upgraded to 3.0.


    If I could make one very small very insignificant suggestion... could you change the word Opaque as used for your navigation backgrounds to translucent? Right now there is a choice of Opaque and Solid backgrounds (behind the turn arrow etc) but Opaque means solid where translucent means some shines through. Like I said, not really any big deal but I think it would make it more obvious to a newcomer to your mods.


    That's what it was. I was wondering about that option. :)

  3. I already ordered 99-9500 and it's on its way and I heard that supply on 99-9501B is low (heard it from the store). I wanted to mount it soon. Now I checked with Metra, and it seems that they don't have any supply issue. So, I might end up ordering 99-9501B instead of ADT-VA133 kit. It's cheaper too. Just that I need to find retailer who can ship it to Canada soon. :P


    Thanks for the info!

  4. I used the top compartment to place F500BT unit. It's where OEM navi unit is installed. It took me almost all day to figure out and make the custom mounting kit. And another day to do all the wiring inside to OEM Bose head unit. Overall I'm very satisified with the final result.




  5. 1. When I was running version 2, I remember that side road name was displayed on 3D view. Now I'm running version 3, I have to zoom in quite a bit (200m) to see the names or tilt it flat then I can see the names at 500m. Is it normal?


    2. zoom-in and zoom-out button (up/down key) are way too sensitive. Sometimes, when I click just once, and it zoom-in/out by 3-4. Is there anyway to adjust this?

  6. I would like to know as well. Since most of these NAV unit uses WinCE, I don't think it's possible to add multilingual support. This means you will need to get multilingual WinCE image for the device.


    Btw, Garmin (new version) has built-in multilingual support. I guess we will see multilingual support on all WinCE image like Vista and W7.

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