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  1. I just installed a shiny new AVH-Z3100DAB+ for the CarPlay features (this was an update from an AVIC-F20BT).  Sadly CarPlay is giving me a little grief with my iPhone 8+ and seemingly any app that isn't Apple branded.  I use Google Play Music so that's what I'm looking to use, I also have Overcast for Podcasts.

    If I plug in the 8+ it initially starts up OK, Play Music is working fine and I can navigate and play music. But if I tap Maps it switches to that then when I try to switch back to Play Music (or Overcast) I get a black screen. Music plays the fine in the background the whole time.

    Disconnecting and reconnecting the phone doesn’t seem to help.

    I can plug in my Wifes iPhone 6S and hers continues to work without issue doing all the same things.
    Switch back to mine, still dead.
    Back to hers, works fine… and so on back and forth.

    Both running iOS 11.4 too.


    Is there any known issues with the iPhone 8+?  Or with this unit in general?  I'm happy to get any ideas on getting this working correctly.

  2. On the F20BT (Z120BT in the States) it shows X.X Km (or miles I assume) until the next turn, it's similar using the 2D or 3D displays


    So in normal driving it looks like this showing x.x km till the next action:




    Then as you approach the corner it changes to this showing next corner is left/right in xxx m then in little picture/text it shows underneath that the following corner is left/right xxx m after that.




    Then as you get even closer to the corner it shows this display, with no further information:



    It then drops straight back to that first screen with no left/right information.


    The problem is I would like to know the following turn is left/right so I can set up in the correct lane for the next turn, especially when driving in a strange city in heave traffic.


    I do note there is a mode than shows the next four turns and looks like this, but it just seems like a terrible waste of map space:




    But really I would just like that this screen to permanently stay in the corner:



    So is this something that I am just missing, or something that Pioneer need to implement?


    (What can I say, I'm new to the unit and am slowly finding all the little things that are lacking).

  3. The manual says it can connect to "up to 5" devices and the manual talks about "Setting for priority connecting" which seems to say it should connect to any registered phone with a preference for which ever one you choose IF there is more than one phone in the car.


    It's a bit of a disappointment if really can't do that.

  4. Coming from a high end TomTom portable unit I'm a little disappointed with the Pioneer nav software. I love pretty much everything else about it though! Even my four or five year old Navman seems to be miles ahead of the 2010 F20BT (Z120BT) I have installed.


    The question is, is it possible to install the TomTom software, or anything else for that matter, instead of the Pioneer nav?


    If so, how?

  5. I'm running a F20BT, which is the Australian version of the Z120BT, and am wondering about the warning tones.


    First up it seems that it's not smart enough to know differentiate things that are on my route vs speed cameras etc which happen to be on close by side streets I'm not driving on. Is this normal/right?


    Next, there seems to be lots of train crossings (I think thats the icon I'm seeing) which set off a warning, problem is due to the above proximity limitation I get lots of audio alerts everytime we go past them... sort of annoying if your on the freeway which happens to run parallel to a train line with crossings. Anyway, the question is, is there a way to pick and choose which alerts are turned on? I can see way to turn on things for parking garages or banks etc, but can't seem to see one for turning off particular traffic warnings. Am I missing something or is it an all or nothing thing when it comes to the alerts?

  6. I have the F20BT, which I understand is the Australian version of the Z120BT. I also have two iPhones, one 3G and one 3GS, both of which seem to work perfectly once synced, the issue I have is that about the switching.


    If I preference my phone it works fine, if I preference my wifes phone it works fine. The problem is that if my phone is preferenced the system will NOT hook up to her phone, even if I'm in another state :P (and vice versa). Seems I have to manually change which phone will be connecting.


    To be 100% clear, there is only one phone in or near the car at any one time, so it's not the system connecting to the wrong phone or getting confused, it just will not connect unless that particular device is set as the primary phone.


    Has anyone else had this problem or is there a solution other than manually switching when needed?

  7. I was going to hack my unit but after getting the unit back home I noticed something interesting.


    I have the F20BT (Being in Australia) which was installed correctly (ie not hacked) by a big installation company. What I did notice is that the handbrake on/off setting shows corrects as does speed sense etc etc


    BUT, on the front screen there is a "Safe Mode" on/off toggle. When on, the system is locked down when in motion with all the expected things turned off (like video in motion). Turning safe mode off and BAM, everything works all the time. It's very odd that this setting would be just there on the front settings page since most (if not all) countries say you can't use video in motion.


    Does anyone else see this option and get this functionality?