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  1. I just looked at the Z120 section and there are guys with the same problem with not being able to update past 2.03 also.  I tried reformatting my card and even a different card and still not luck.  One thing I have noticed is that when replacing the 2 files, from the Z120 section the Renewal files one guy said should be in the folder.  And I looked closer and there is no such file just the EU file.  And I got the firmware from Pioneers site.  Now could we do this upgrade with the x930BT firmware?  Has anybody thought of this?

  2. I  a problem.  I'm already updated to 2.003 and I tried the hack and I get an update fail.  I transferred the two files from StefanSki 2.004 crack to the Pioneer original update.  Any idea too what I can do?  I tried the factory reset and that did nothing but reset my settings.  Any help or ideas to this problem?  Thanks!

  3. Will there be any hacks or mods for the x920bt. I can use Conits hackmod to get into the wince mode of the radio and run igo but I would like to use the new hack thats they are working on for the f920. The one that has the OBD2 port software and stuff on it that was tranfered from Europe or something like that. I have been through this forums front and back ever other week seeing if something new has happened. And asked many many questions, but everything seems to be for everything but the x920bt. I even heard that the x920bt has a different WinCe version then the f models. But....... WinCe hasn't changed much at all. If any. So lets see whats we can find!


    Thanks guys!!



  4. And does anybody know what OS the x920bt runs? If its not the same as the F- series then what version is it.  Because from the wince emulator I can not get into the control panel section and select device manager to find out what it is actually running.  I t looks like WinCE 5.0 and I know for sure it hat its not 6.  And I can see Pioneer going backwards from 5.0 on the x920.

  5. Posted 17 October 2011 - 05:15 PM

    TMill, on 17 October 2011 - 01:52 PM, said:

    I been through this thread many times but I might have missed it. But will this work on x920bt?


    No, it will not. It will only run on the F series and X710 & X910. The X920 runs on a different operating system.



    Hey Abb1, is there a Mod for the x920bt on the market? If so could you show me the light.

    Thanks for the reply!


  6. Im an Android user and a Pandora listener. And with my phone Samsung Captivate (Rooted- MosaicV-ROM) I can play, listen, and control Pandora with my AVIC X920BT HU just fine. It switches to receive a phone call and changes back just fine. Only thing is that it does not display album covers like the Iphone link does, but who cares I can listen to Pandora just fine.

  7. Hey guys hows things comming along! I have stumbled upon this link that has alot of apps for Win CE devices.


    Auto App Mart Has anybody looked into this? And if this was posted before, sorry missed it.


    There are alot of apps/programs that could be useful.


    My bad!!


    Most of the stuff is for XP, MeeGo, Linux-CE. Nice stuff though, makes me wish I had my Viliv N5 back from getting repaired!

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