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  1. Well, I gave it a shot but received the same message: "an error has occurred. The update has failed." Unless there are any other thoughts/suggestions, I guess my only option is to uninstall the unit and send it in to Pioneer. Thank you again for all of your help.
  2. The 'firmware update' button is grayed out when I have the AVICZ110 on the card. I did also format the card and put on CNSD-110FM-SD2 and the button was not grayed out. When I did proceed with the update however, it gave an error after about 10 minutes of trying to update. I tried twice with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks again for any help.
  3. I think that there was a miscommunication. Unless I am missing something, I did not think that I could re-install the unit's firmware update as my system already has application version 2.003. What I am looking for is the bluetooth firmware only as it shows as missing (see photo). Is it a possiblity to only find and re-install the firmware for only the bluetooth? I have unsuccessfully tried to re-install AVICZ110. Is there is a trick to get it to re-install? Thank you again.
  4. I have looked extensively but am unable to find the bt firmware on Pioneer's website. The only bt firmware update I was able to find is for the f-series. Could you recommend a specific file to look for? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, Everything had been working great with my x920bt until I updated the firmware. Now my Bluetooth no longer works. Under Bluetooth settings, everything is grayed out except for 'firmware update,' which shows the version as blank. Under the service information screen the bluetooth version is '-----------'. I have called Pioneer customer support and they had me try resetting user settings. When that didn’t work, they told me that the install was corrupt and to remove the unit and send it in to them for repairs. I am really trying to avoid having to go through all of the effort of having to uninstall the unit and not having it for a few weeks. 1. Is it possible to find and update the bluetooth firmware individually? If so, where and how? 2. Is there a way to reinstall the update (AVICZ110)? 3. Is it possible to restore to an earlier point? 4. Any other ideas/suggestions? Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide.