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  1. Just upgraded my nex4100 to latest firmware. This pops up on my note8, why can't u enjoy android car play the way I did with Apple car play? Recently made the jump from ios to android
  2. 4100 firmware update and bypass question

    AWESOME! Tyvm. Planned to do it tonight but wanted to ask ahead of time
  3. Do I need to remove the bypass prior to firmware update? Tyvm
  4. NEX4100 have a PICO fuse?

    I'm getting awful amounts of static noise, over the weekend I moved all my ground. Cleaned the paint, measured with multimeter (.01@200) and sprayed a clear sealer over it. I just clipped all my wires and reinstalled them in hopes this solves it. Lows, mids and HU ground are directly on chassis now (were in cab prior). I called Pioneer and asked them for a PICO fuse model # and they told me this model does not have one, PICO fuse is on older models. This static noise is so bad I had to turn off my amps. My sub burps at zero HU volume and mids static noise can be heard outside my truck. Super frustrating...