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Found 9 results

  1. 2018 Maps are out for AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-X850BT, and AVIC-X8510BT units. https://hereshop.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Pioneer_AVIC-Z150BH/Pioneer-MY13-North-America-2018-T1000-26752/sku/T1000-26752/en_US/HERENA/USD
  2. 2018 Maps are out for AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-X850BT, and AVIC-X8510BT units. https://hereshop.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Pioneer_AVIC-Z150BH/Pioneer-MY13-North-America-2018-T1000-26752/sku/T1000-26752/en_US/HERENA/USD
  3. I am busy with several projects and working with the AVIC-Z150BH and AVIC-X850BT units and every time I switch units in the same vehicle, i.e. remove power, I go through the task of resetting all my presets on AM, FM, and SiriusXM (special HD1-4 stations on the Z150BH), et al, and want to know if anyone is backing these up through Service Mode (a.k.a. test mode). I'm guessing all the WinCE based units are fairly similar. Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. 2016 Maps are out for AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-X850BT, AVIC-X8510BT, and AVIC-Z150BH units. http://allthingsnav.navigation.com/
  5. 2016 Maps are out for AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-X850BT, and AVIC-X8510BT units. http://allthingsnav.navigation.com/
  6. I always have this message showing up " Backlight LCD problem detected. Contact your dealer or Pioneer service center Does anyone already had this issue? Happen at every power on. The lcd have no problems at all, even the illumination wire work fine!
  7. 20160319 085813

    From the album Avic-x850bt

    Quelqu'un a t-il eu ce genre de message à l'ouverture de ce radio?. Tout fonctionne sur cet appareil? Does anyone alteady had this issue? "backlight LCD problem, please contact pionner dealer"
  8. So I just got my X850BT and for some reason the maps aren't loading my current location. The best way I know how to explain it is it looks like its displaying the maps if you didn't have the Antenna plugged in. However I obviously do have it plugged in and it says my reception is good (5 Sats). When I went to look at it at BestBuy, it looked like the display model had like a "Demo" mode or something so you could still look at what the maps looked like. I feel like mine is still in that demo mode. Also I should mention that whenever the car is in motion, you can see the map moving around, but its clearly not the location I'm actually in. I've messed around with the settings, but can't seem to figure it out. Anyone know? Thanks!!
  9. Just in case anyone else forgot their password for their X850BT, here's how I got a hold of mine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some disclaimers: If you stole your unit, please give it back, save money, and buy your own! Otherwise, this is my: RUN TESTMODE AT YOUR OWN RISK statement! I searched this forum and Google'd like crazy, and there, to my knowledge, is no other documented method for retrieving the AVIC-X850BT's password specifically, sorry if this is a repost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The way I figured it out is as follows: [FYI: I POSTED THE LINKS TO EACH THREAD I RESEARCHED BUT PROVIDED THE LINKS IN THIS HOW-TO SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BROWSE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE! ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 1: Get the right Testmode file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36681-avic-x50-hack-general-topic/?p=266663 and downloaded the link (testmode-x50v2.zip) pionara posted here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 2: Get a functional testmode base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I visited this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31534-condis-hackmode-v14-diskrw-gpsgate-textfiller-regeditor-with-reg-files-associated-updated-13062011/ 2. and downloaded the following link: Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip 5.32MB 6140 downloads ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 3: Extract the files onto the proper medium IN THE RIGHT ORDER. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I took the "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and extracted ALL of it's contents to a BLANK miniSD card. 2. I extracted the contents of testmode-x50v2.zip onto the miniSD card and OVERWROTE the existing testmode.key file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 4: Startup in TESTMODE and access the right file. PATH:NAND\SYSTEM\SECURITY\SECURITY.DAT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I then removed the miniSD card from the computer and placed it into the AVIC-X850BT. 2. I turned the vehicle in to ACC Mode/Started vehicle. 3. The unit then successfully booted into testmode. 4. I used the volume keys to navigate the menu and selected the File Maintenance option. 5. I used the volume keys to navigate to the FIRST NAND folder (it's after the HDD folders). 6. I then navigated to the SYSTEM folder. 7. In the folder is a SECURITY folder, select it. 8. There should be several files in the SECURITY folder, among which is the SECURITY.DAT file, select it. 9. Navigate to and press the appropriate key to "[TXT DUMP]" the file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 5: Accessing your forgotten password. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Following the "[TXT DUMP]" of the SECURITY.DAT file, the top left corner of the screen will supply you with 3 things: YOUR forgotten password, your password HINT, and a buncha shenanigans. 2. I recommend taking and picture of that screen with your smartphone or other mobile device and then turning off your vehicle. 3. REMOVE THE miniSD card! 4. Turn your vehicle to ACC or turn it on. 5. After your AVIC-X850BT boots, try to use the picture to interpret and input your password. Hope this helps someone! I drive around for two weeks, getting mad every time I so much as LOOKED at my radio lol. GOOD LUCK!