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Found 6 results

  1. My system is stuck on the initial blue screen wallpaper and will not go to the main menu, play any audio or use bluetooth. Basically it looks as if the screen has frozen and it's not successfully starting up. Any idea of how to fix? I've already tried the reset button and that hasn't worked. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a hidden menu for calibrating the touch screen on the AVIC-X710BT? Has anyone in the community ever performed a touch screen replacement on these x series units ? Oh, another quick question, is there a service / repair manuals section on AVIC411 ? Having one would sure take some of the guess work out of my repair I have looked and used the search function to try and find but cannot seem to locate any. Thanks
  3. Hello Avic community, I am new here and have been researching some information on parts and mods and had questions about how Pioneer parts are labeled and described. I picked up a second hand Avic-X710BT from a friend of mine for next to nothing because it had a dead spot in the touch screen. Thanks to the folks at pacparts, getting a replacement will be easy, however my newly acquired unit has an unsightly gouge in the front panel. Seeing as how I will have the unit apart to replace the touch panel I might as well replace the front panel but I am having a difficult time sourcing one. I looked at Pioneers parts website and there is no part described as "front panel". I took it one step further and stated doing google image searches for most of the parts available on Pioneers website and from pacparts wondering if Pioneer just used a non conventional parts description for what I call the front panel and thought doing image searches would result in a positive result. No pictures were found that show the front panel. I came across a part labeled as "Grill Unit" and was wondering if anyone in the community knew if front panels were labeled as grill unit in Pioneers parts list. The part I am curious about is the CXE1629, does anyone know if this is a front panel? Thanks for your interest and responses.
  4. I installed an x710bt in my car last year and it worked great - until I switched from iphone to android. Now I have a HTC One S. Although the phone works perfectly for making calls, I can no longer play music through my car stereo. Since the x710bt does not support a2dp, I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with installing a Miccus Blubridge ? (http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-Mini-jack-RX-Bluetooth-Receiver/dp/B0038MA11U/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=1IZIQDB0Z4S4S&coliid=II60UXCHDLXO5) It seems like I could install the unit, plug in the audio to the RCI connectors that the iphone used to use, and have a fully functional a2dp unit. Suggestions? Comments? Alternatively, I wanted to know if anyone had simply plugged their One S into the usb port and used it as a mass storage device to play onboard music? Thanks.
  5. X710BT mods

    Hi everyone, The more I've read here the more confused I've gotten. I have an X710BT and the only thing I want to do is use the software bypass to get rid of the parking brake restriction. In other words, I want to be able and want passengers to be able to type an address or change the light color while driving. I guess the restriction's there for "safety," but you can scroll through music and audio settings to your heart's content yet can't even turn the screen completely off if you're driving. At any rate, I have the 3.020100 firmware. I have an 8gb SD card the system recognizes. I want the parking brake bypass. I do not need anything else. However, as I said, the more I read the more confused I get. Posts link to each other and I'm going around in circles trying to find what I want. Apparently the X710BT uses the F series software, so I go there. I found the 2.0 testmode stuff, but that didn't work - nothing whatsoever happened when I put the SD card with testmode into my system. I then find out I need testmode 3.0. I can't find it; links are broken. What I do find are basically just instructions to upgrade from 2 to 3, and more recent posts there are talking about 4 now. I don't need that. Then I come across another post saying the X710 actually uses the X900 software. Some posts say you put the SD card with testmode in and it automatically copies data.zip to it, while others have a whole list of steps you need. Other posts have more than 50 pages starting from 4 years ago. Is there anyone who has the testmode file for firmware 3.020100 on an X710BT? Does anyone have clear instructions on how to do what I'm asking? I have some computer programming experience so I'm not a *complete* noob; I just need a valid link to a valid file and instructions that pertain to my unit. If anyone is able to help and it succeeds, I will be sure to write my own post with detailed instructions so confused posts like mine won't keep popping up. Thanks!
  6. No Navigation / Bluetooth Sound?

    I have an Avic X710BT which I installed last weekend in my 2005 Chevy Suburban .Everything works, after I did the bypass, except for I cannot hear my navigation, nor my Bluetooth. Again, everything appears to be working but no sound. I have read posts where it talks about the sound is generated to the front speakers, so maybe this is my problem? Although I do have complete sound form my radio / Ipod / CD / etc.... My fade does appear to not fade correctly, but the speaker wires were matched according to color. Have I missed something here? Any help is appreciated.