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Found 4 results

  1. I've had my AVIC-D3 for a number of years (so long, I've forgotten how many) and, although I bought it used, it has worked without issue until about about two-weeks ago. Background: Two days before thanksgiving, when I went out to my car to drive to work, it would not start and the car was at about 10Vs (cause unknown, believed to be battery related (AGM battery), I'm still running this one down). So, I put the carger or the car and took another vehicle of mine to work; frustrated. Ever since this day, I've had the issue I'm about to describe (it could be coincidence but I'm thinking this low voltage issue is my trigger). I'm pretty sure the car has had a low volts situation in the past, but I know there hadn't been one for quite a while (I do my own stunts when it comes to working on my vehicles, I've had this car in particular for over 10 years). Problem: Whenever I start the stereo up (go to ACC or start the car), I get an error saying there is an improper E-brake signal with an OK button to acknowlege and make it clear up the screen. Even with this error, I have been able to get the audio features working (XM, AM/FM, bluetooth via BTB200, etc - I have not tried a regular audio CD), I can even get my backup camera (via ND-BC20PA) to work; however, anytime I attempt anything Navigation related, the stereo goes into a boot loop until I eject the disc and tap the AV/ON button to get to a useable screen. The boot loop will continue whether I acknowledge the error signal or not. Furthermore, because of the E-brake error, I can't do some basic things such as setting the clock. For the most part, the unit is serviceable; however, I have no GPS which is a feature I've come to enjoy. Here is a short video I just quickly recorded to show the error and its effect: http://youtu.be/th_4IHh_nfM?list=UU1QGEVLkp6qQD5eXyfwqi2A Troubleshooting: I've done most everything I can think of: -I have removed the headunit from the car for a while (say an hour or so) and plugged it back in (which should reset it right?), the error returns. -I have traced the E-brake wire from source to the unit and have found no issues and no opens -I have intentionally grounded the E-brake wire (separate from the Ebrake itself) and the issue remains. -The E-brake wire has no voltage (nothing is shorted to it) -I only noticed this error after I got home the day of the low voltage issue to see if my car would start, I did not notice it that morning or if anything else was displayed So, my logic is telling me that my headunit is bad which is not what I want to hear but I can understand it as I'm thinking the low voltage issue was the trigger. Anyhow, before I go down the rabbit hole of replacing parts (i.e. the headunit), I was hoping someone else may have a less expensive solution to my problem. As I've searched for a problem simiar to this (without luck, perhaps I didn't put in the right fields) I've found threads talking about bypassing the E-brake by grounding it and the mute wire after moving it down (which I didn't fully understand); could this fix the E-brake issue? I've also seen threads about reseting the headunit; but, given the things that I've done, I didn't read these as I didn't think they'd be relevant (ignorance on my part?); is there a reset button that could potentially clear all errors even if the headunit has been completely removed? Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time.
  2. I'm looking for a replacement Pioneer AVIC-D3 navigation disc; or to download software: DVD Europe DVD Carte de l'europe - Version 1.0 CNDV-70DX (west). Disc got damaged (with deep scratch) when removing from unit, as got stuck with another disc in slot. I'd disconnected car battery to charge it; forgot I'd left CD in unit, so mistakenly inserted nav.disc to reset unit. I'm now getting this message: "route calculation was not possible." Can anyone have pity on me and rush me a copy or reliable link to replace nav. disc? I'll be ever so grateful.
  3. Hello. I am new to your forums. I recently purchased a new head unit for my truck. Reason being, the AVIC-D3's Bluetooth wont work with new Smartphones, or at least all the ones I tried, Hands free phone in my truck is a must as it is my work vehicle. It seems if I can even get a new smartphone to connect, the unit will disconnect as soon as a call is made or receive a call. Am I doing something wrong, or is this so? With that said, I gave the AVIC-D3 to my son and he has installed it in his '99 F150. He had to buck up the inside of the dash to get it to fit, but he did a nice job and it fits perfectly. Looks factory. He is wanting to purchase the GEX-P920XM XM Digital Satellite Radio Tuner so he can have sat radio. Problem is, he has read that XM is no longer in existence and has been absorbed by Sirius. Is that the proper modual for the AVIC-D3 and will it still work? Thanks.
  4. D3 to Factory unit

    I am new and am wondering can the AVIC-D3 be reset to factory before any installation processes. I purchased a vehicle which has it installed. CD's play, radio plays, nothing else. I received no DVD's, no booklets (found and downloaded instruction/installation manuals) I purchased the CNDV-100 DVD's, but don't know whether to upgrade/update the unit or not. Was told that all I needed was the above DVD's and the unit would do the rest. I hope I was told correct. Any other information/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks;