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Found 5 results

  1. Program start up error

    Ok, First let me say sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place I'm new to this place.. So I've been out of the car audio game sense 05 other than installation of brand new equipment in my own vehicles.. Well I'm trying to help my neighbor. He fixes and sells car's. Well on 1 of the cars the battery went dead and from there on out all the HU displays is Program start up error I tried to do a hard reset but that didn't solve the issue.. I been reading on here about test mode.. Is that what I should be trying next? and farther more will it even let me try that method sense it stays stuck on that screen? Geeze who would have ever thought a dead battery would kill a perfectly good head unit.. Man how the game has changed since 05 Sense he is selling the car I'm tempted to just tell him to just go buy a new cheap Walmart radio and let me install that and junk this old unit.. But I'm not ready to give up on this unit just yet.. I like challenging stuff like this.. OH! PS. The model number was so small and dark and half rubbed off so I can't tell what model it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/3x60Btf
  2. Greetings. I've updated by maps using the 2015 map update by Blakestone (thanks!). I've also used the password reset after a battery issue by RonS (thanks!). I'd like to attach a backup cam and looking for 1: best walkthrough (preferably for a 5th gen legacy sedan - 2012 to be precise) but doesn't need to be vehicle specific. 2: recommendations for a reasonably priced camera that will easily work with the wiring/head unit. Amazon, ebay, etc. Still trying to figure out how to remove the need to press 'okay' for the map to show (nag screen removal). I've hit on a few threads here with info. but I'm concerned the 2015 update/script might effect edits. Again ... best walkthrough for this? I anticipate also needing the backup screen overlay/prompt as well once the cam is installed. Patiently waiting for the next map update to use as well ... thanks for everyone's work on this that's involved. Much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone have map updates for f 50 bt ? i have stock version installed
  4. Change Map Z140BH

    Hi. I have AVIC-Z140BH instaled in my car (Ford Mustang 2011) and i want change a original map, i want instala a map from Brazil, I have map im my pc, because I copied from my old pineer (x910bt) using a test mode. I wanna know if anyone know how i can put this map in my new device (z140bh). Sorry for my bad english, because I'm Brazilian. I apreciate your atention Thanks
  5. In one word: testmode, or lack thereof of a truly functional testmode in the x930bt. In my old x910bt, and using the collective genius of the people in this forum, I was able to do the following to my old x910bt: 1) hack it and play any video content any time 2) completely eliminate any and all 'disclaimer' and 'driver warning' screens - yes, I get it, it's dangerous 3) put a mute navi voice button on the map 4) put an instant route to home button on the map 5) turn the arrow into a pic of my car 6) steering wheel controls - i know, nothing to do w/ testmode but so nice Sure, the x930bt is a faster unit, no doubt, and the musicsphere, pandora, and aha radio are nice features (assuming you don't have iOS5). However, I can't tell you how liberating it is to press the map button while driving and then to NOT find that annoying disclaimer about how dangerous it is to use the navi while driving and then try to press the 0.5cm 'OK' button as my finger wobbles all over the screen. Additionally, I had another obnoxious problem with the x930bt and my ipod classic 160gb- when starting up the car, it would not resume from the last ipod song! It would always start on a different input than ipod, like HD Radio or bluetooth audio instead of ipod, even when I was using that input last. I tried all the advice on similar issues on the forum and nothing worked. Oh, and by the way the x930bt has REMOVED all voice recognition features from the x line, which the x910bt had. But in fairness, voice rec didn't work too well for me on the x910 anyway. I even got a great deal on the x930bt- $500 after rebate- less than what I paid for the x910bt. So, in the end was it worth the effort of selling the x910bt to keep the x930bt? Not for me. Best,