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Found 16 results

  1. 7100NEX F70DAB SD Card Image

    Hi Does anyone have a link to 7100NEX Internal SD image? I think this is the US version of the AVIC F70DAB in the UK. Many thanks
  2. Software Image for AVH-X8700BT

    AVH-X8700BT software image for internal SD Card required My unit is stuck on software error screen, has anyone got a copy of the correct file? Thanks
  3. Image file database

    Can someone list the location of the image file library. I am looking for the. AVH-4200NEX image files. If you have them could you please send them to me.
  4. NTFS compression on SD card

    Anybody know if the AVH head units work ok with SD cards with NTFS compression turned on?
  5. Hello! New user here, hope someone can help me figure out what I am doing wrong. 2 issues I am having with my new 4200NEX with the SD card. 1- I can not figure out how to get my MP3 files to show the album artwork when playing. BUT, strangely enough, the artwork shows up fine when the same MP3s on the same SD card are played through MIXTRAX. I thought a upgrade to the firmware might fix the problem, but no luck there. 2- Out of a handful of SD cards, I can only get one to work in my system. Does anyone know if there is something I need to be doing to get them to work? Or what brand/format of SD card will work?
  6. AVH-4100NEX

    OK, sorry for the noobness here. 2nd firmware update ever on my AVH-4100NEX. The first time, after I bought it, it worked fine using the SD card slot, but I have a vague recollection of something I had to do that wasn't in the instructions. Anyway, trying to update now to v1.09. I've followed the instructions, but I get the "failed - make sure there's only one file..." error. I am using the SD card slot - I can't access the USB 1 slot due to the way the unit is installed - that's my iPod port. I've unplugged the iPod from the cable for the update, but the cable is plugged directly into the back of the unit and I can't get the unit out without drilling the faceplate out. Have spent a short time browsing around here and I'm not seeing anything that's helpful. Have updates through the SD card slot been nixed? If so, I'm SOL, but if not, what am I doing wrong? Help? Thanks
  7. SPH-DA120 - APPRADIO4 - SD Image File

    Hello AVIC411.com users, Other threads have focused on 4000NEX and 6000NEX. This thread is specific to the SPH-DA120 - APPRADIO 4. I am looking for the AVIC5000NEX image file. It seems there are plenty of users experiencing the same crash symptoms. We are looking to some of the super users to help us out with copies of the internal SD Card Image Files that will allow our devices to work again. Please help, as a non-super user, I/We am/are in need of easy to follow steps to bring my device back from the endless "boot cycle" that it is currently experiencing. Please leave links or provide more information via a PM. Driving around with a double DIN hole in my dash and listening to my iphone is not exactly what I had in mind when I purchased this unit for $700 new a couple years back. - EastSideTahoe
  8. I have an avh-4100 with headrest monitors. When playing video it doesn't give me the option to output to rear dvd in Aux mode. When I unplug my iphone it lets me do it. Has anyone else had this problem or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Missing Album Art

    I have just installed my new NEX6000 and have started to experiment with its features. I decided to test out the SD card slot using some albums I had ripped to MP3s. Each album is in its own folder and each folder has a file in it named "folder.jpg" which is a common method for ripping, but for some reason the art doesn't appear when I play songs in SD mode. The music plays fine and the tag info shows up on the screen fine as well. I called Pioneer tech support and of course they had no answer for me. All they could say is that the MP3s they got from iTunes were showing the album art when they played them from an SD card. Now the real kicker in all of this is if I hit the "Mixtrax" button then magically all of the album art appears as long as I stay in that mode. When I exit MixTrax mode the art vanishes again. The tech support rep was stumped by all of this. He simply took my info and said they would have to do some testing and get back to me. He wasn't even able to tell me for sure how to get album art to appear. He said that maybe it had to be embedded in the tag of each song, but was just guessing at that point. If so then that is incredibly stupid of Pioneer to do it that way since you would have to waste a ton of storage space to add the graphics to each and every song. Also, I'm not even sure how to get my ripper to add the art as a tag. I've never seen that as an option. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight on this topic since apparently the creator of the product does not. I have one week left to return the unit and this may be a deal breaker for me if I can't get it resolved. Oh yeah, while I had him on the phone I asked about CarPlay and he said it was still slated for a summer release. Based on what I've seen from the AppRadio apps, I'm not too sure they'll be able to get that done right either. I predict those apps are going to be too restricted to be of any real use. I'm also really disappointed in the screen clarity on the HDMI mode. I don't understand how an HD interface can look that grainy on such a small screen, but it does.
  10. I am a AVIC Z130-BT owner and can't for the life of me figure out how to load and watch movies via 64 gb SD Card if com one could be so kind to give me instructions . Also how do i load a new splash screen image ?
  11. X950BH Micro card

    Hi All; I'm new to the AVIC and i have been doing some reading but I am still running into some issues with my deck, I have done the Bypass (park brake wire) Mod and it is working great, that being said - I am attempting to place a background pic onto my X950BH and I have tried a number of different methods, my set does not seem to be able to find/read my photos, I expect that there is something that I am missing or not doing correctly so I am hoping someone can take me thru setting up the card and loading it so I can use my vacation pic as my background. (hoping it will make me feel a little warmer in this never-ending Canadian winter)
  12. I am trying to update to the latest firmware version 2.003, but it won't start the update. The problem is that when I drag and drop the update folder onto the SD card I cannot get it onto the root folder. I am using a Mac and have tried 6 different SD cards, from 512 MB to 32 GB, and they all make a partition as soon as it is done formatting. This is very frustrating! Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be very appreciated.
  13. Hey Is this normal that when you play a song from the SD card then switch the source (radio, even video from the SD) and then switch back to SD music then it doesn't resume where it left off, but instead takes the first song from the file directory and starts playing that. It also happens when I turn on the HU and the source is set to SD - results in hearing the same song from the beginning every time when I'm starting the car. It's really annoying when I have searched out an artist I want to listen to, then switch to radio for news or whatever and switch back. I'm using a 32GB Kingston SDHC card which is almost fully loaded with media. Navigating (or database generating) the SD can also get slow, but that's probably because of the size. Maybe I should switch to a smaller card - 16GB maybe? Any other ideas, experiences? Cheers!
  14. Help F700BT problems

    I installed a used avic f 700bt yesterday I followed all the threads on here and hooked up the unit to my 2006 pontiac gto and it works except that the navigation settings and system settings cannot be accessed. The bluetooth won't sink with my iphone, and the usb cord recognizes my iphone 4 and plays the song yet no volume comes out of the speakers. The gps works and gives my current location yet, I am unable to input an adresss for a new destination. The sd card with a new image is not detectible. Even with all these problems it still plays cd's, I have searched the avic forum and similar problems were not found. Any help or knowledge would go a long ways. Thanks
  15. Z130BT Voice Recognition w/o iPod

    So, I abhor Apple and their inferior products, and thus do not own an iPod or iPhone. It also makes no sense to me to spend so much money on a head unit for good audio quality, only to degrade it notably by using the stupid analog signal iPod cable. Thus, simply getting an iPod is not an option. What I do not understand is why Pioneer does not have voice recognition with regards to music when using an SD card or thumb drive that isn't an Apple product, and why it will not display album art. Has someone written software or created a hack that gets around this ridiculous limitation? There is no reason properly tagged MP3 files cannot be read by the head unit for voice recognition or album art display! Please tell me there is a solution other than selling my soul and getting an Apple product... Edit: Just to be clear, the voice recognition works well in pretty much every other aspect, so it is not an issue with my head unit. I also have the most recent firmware version installed.
  16. media formats for playing from SD card

    Hi guys! I'm new with AVIC-Z110BT. What is the best and reliable media format for playing video on Z110BT? Divx? Something else? I tried to convert MP4 video clips to Divx - but it's taking so long for conversion (( Any ideas? My AVIC has been not updated yet for new firmware (2011), should I? Will it help to play regular MP4 videos? Thanks in advance!