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Anyone else encounter these weird issues? Haven't seen anyone mention these. (W4500NEX)

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I've had this Pioneer headunit in my 2017 Focus ST for a while now. Besides the t-harness from idatalinks focus specific kit, it's connected with a idatalink maestro rr as well to maintain the steering wheel controls. All of a sudden one day it started restarting songs and/or skipping songs. Sometimes it even changes the android auto screen on its own. It also wont auto connect to my Pixel 7 Pro wirelessly via android auto, but I'm aware that that issue has been mentioned here before.

I know it sounds weird but sometimes I almost feel like it's a frequency or something that does it because if it restarts a song and I lower the volume a lot it won't do it.

I'm pretty good at trial and error but besides that, I can't figure out what causes it. Sometimes it'll be totally fine and other times I wont even be able to use google maps because it will be beeping (the next song button beep) 100times in a row or changing screens by itself to the point where I have to turn the radio off and use my phone exclusively.

I have tried multiple phones and it still happens so it's definitely the headunit or a piece of accompanying hardware.

I will attach a quick clip of the issue (nowhere near as bad as normal) Any and all help is appreciated!


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Weird. I've NOT experienced this. I'd disconnect the maestro, etc (ugh, i know) and see if it goes away. I'd also be considering buying a replacement display on eBay to swap and see if the problem persists or resolves. The w4400nex display is also directly compatible - I know cuz I have a w4500 with a w4400 screen.

Could be a sticky button on your steering wheel or display unit, or potentially the touchscreen digitizer. Definitely not quick/easy/fun to troubleshoot. I don't envy you.

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