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Video Formats for AVIC-MRZ03 ; AVIC-MRZ05 ; AVIC-MRZ09 ; Etc

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Video support is in WQVGA

Resolution 400 x 240

30 Frames Per Second

The bitrate for the encoders:

MPEG4 .m4v : 2.5 Mbps / 2500 Kbps (Works 100% of the time)

H.264 : 1.5 Mbps / 1500 Kbps (Works 50% of the time, if it doesn`t change the resolution to 320x240 & 978 bitrate)

WMV : 768 Kbps (Rarely works)


Audio :

MPEG-2/4 Audio

48.000HZ 16Bit


Bitrate 192 kbps


These are for SD/USB Video ***Max Video play time is 149 MINUTES***


I do need to mention, the one i recommend and works 100% of the time is the MPEG4(ipod.m4v). I also recommend using AVS Video Converter 10.0. Also from the pioneer navi unit change the aspect ratio to full, so it can play in fullscreen, not in the middle. Another thing, if the video bitrate is too high, it will not play. .WMV Files rarely play, some do some do not, i don`t recommend using it, H.264 is also quite picky, so stick to MPEG4. Goodluck


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On 3/24/2024 at 10:55 PM, Mack40 said:

Please can anybody help me with a picture of the PIONEER AVIC MRZ02 power harness as my one never came with one I got it off Ebay would be very grateful Thanks 

16pin to iso pioneer harness (cheap enough)

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