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Z130BT with no/drastically reduced left side audio

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Hi all,

I have an Avic Z130BT that I’ve had for many years, I think I originally installed it in the H3 back in like 2011 or 2012.  I had pulled it out of that vehicle because I was going to put it in something else, but decided not to so it sat on top of my garage fridge for about a year and a half.  I rewired the plugs and reinstalled it, but the left side audio (front and rear) is very low for media audio, but appears to be normal volume for nav alerts and vehicle alerts.  I’ve checked the obvious (fade/balance) and it’s set for 0, the VR Control is also set to L/R0.  I’ve connected speakers straight to the speaker out wires and have the same result as with it wired to the vehicle’s speakers.  

Anyone happen to have an ideas, or is this thing done?


Thanks in advance  


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