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First these rules are here to protect forum members. If you don't abide by them then your post will be removed. All posts are subject to moderator approval.


1. You must have 25+ posts to post in this forum.

2. You must be a member for at least 30 days.

3. If you spam posts just to get your count up enough to post here, all of your spammed posts will be removed along with your forsale post.

4. The above rules do not apply to WTB (wanted to buy) posts. These posts are still subject to moderator approval/edit, but will be approved without regard to post count/membership a majority of the time.

5. All posts over 60 days old without an update post will be automatically deleted. 'Bumps' are only allowed once per month.


That being said, if the item you have for sale is sold. Please make a post saying so, or delete your ad. This way people won't be trying to buy something that's been sold.

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