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CD-BTB200 $55.00 at Tweeters!!!

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Hey guys, you may or may not know that Tweeters is going out of business. Well about a week ago I stopped by my local store and found that they were selling BTB200 bluetooth units for $95.00. That's pretty decent, but I decided to wait. Then last night I went back and found them blowing them out for $55.00 a piece. At that point I couldn't resist, so I picked one up. These units are going for about $120.00 shipped on eBay.


Our Tweeters closes down for good on the 7th. They had 4 more units in stock. These are NIB, with full warranty, not open box or anything.


While I'm not really that insterested in buying these, $90.00 shipped would make it worth my while. E-mail me (my e-mail address is teh same as my screen name at yahoo.com)


Mostly I'm just putting this out there for AVIC411 members to know so they can run to their local Tweeters for a good deal. You'll probably also find some other Pioneer units/ components. I know my stora had a few of the XM units (no idea on price) and a Z3 for about $1100.

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