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Sirius radio install question

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Ok i was at best buy last night to purchase SIR-PNR2 tuner box so i can get my sirius radio back. But the people at best buy said i have to buy the Pioneer tuner box (CD-SB10) as well in order to get the radio to work.

So i did'nt buy anything cause i think they are full of crap and just trying to attach more stuff onto what i am buying. The reason i think this is because i read that you can set up game alerts and record and rewind up to a hour of sat radio with the pioneer box. Extra features that i feel are extra options if you want, which is why i think i dont need the CD-SB10 box.


So please set me straight, do i need both parts to get the sat radio to work or just the sirius tuner??


Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, they're full of crap. All you need is the PNR2 box to receive Sirus. Plugs right in to the D3. Don't know about rewinding or recording radio with the unit, though. Never tried it and never come across any controls to do it.

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The CDSB10 is the pioneer adaptor if you buy one of the newer sirius direct tuners. The two of them combined do pretty much the same thing as a PNR2.


But you can also use a portable sirius device with the CDSB10, which does give you the replay stuff

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