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D3 will not boot?

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had the d3 for over a year now, no problems, until recently when i go to turn on the vehicle (2003 vw gti) the unit does not boot up completely.


led lights turn on

*Does not say "starting pioneer navigation system*

leds dim out

screen is back lit


and idea for a repair, ive looked for loose wires in the back, but when it comes to this I'm a turkey trying to soar with eagles.

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have you tried resetting the unit? Mine goes "dead" occasionally in really cold weather, but a "reset" brings it back up just fine.


Look for a small pin-hole sized opening on the face of the unit, just to the right of the eject button, and poke a pen tip in it. That will reset the unit. Might work.


I think you will have to reprogram all your setting, though.

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