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FEATURE REQUESTS: Tone-Antenna-USB/SD support

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I am for the most part very happy with my new AVIC X910BT. But I have a couple feature requests for those out there with the knowledge to work them:


1) Tone controls: Now I understand why cars go by with the bass booming! Try playing a Beatles song and then a song from a recent CD release. Sonic quality is way different. And the EQ controls with multiple screen touches required is a wreck waiting to happen. We need a simple tone control that is "EASY" to use while driving. Maybe allow the volume knob to control the bass and treble like the old stereos had. With today's subwoofers and the variety of old and new music which have totally opposite sonic quality , some songs need a massive bass boost and some newer songs need it turned down. How about shortcut icons on the screen that enables tone control to be bass, midrange, or treble on the knob?


2) Antenna control that recognizes the HD radio as a radio and puts up the antenna. yes, I know you can set it to "power" and it goes up. But the setting is obviously SW controlled but doesn't think the HD radio is a radio that needs the antenna. Only thing is, it does. Especially when it drops back to analog FM when the HD signal is weak. And why should I need the antenna up when playing media?


3) USB/SD support improvement: What a sad situation to see that if you have an IPOD you can have your 10,000 songs but if you have a USB or SD card it only supports a few hundred song files before it locks up and becomes virtually unusable. And what is the deal with supporting only 8 gig in SD and USB? OK, I've heard there is some electrical hardware reason for that. But I put 1200 songs on a 8 gig thumb drive and the same on an 8 gig SD card and they both are unusable. They fire up after quite a while, but then get hung up for 5-8 minutes between songs, "unless" you push the MENU button, when they magically move immediately to the next song. This seems to be shoddy SW to me. I bought this unit to use large media cards and to play my extensive MP3 library. Any help on this with possible causes or solutions would be much appreciated. BTW, V3 fixes a major SW flaw in MP3 playback from the media cards where it cut off about 50% of my MP3 songs near the end of the track. Almost seems like the media support for SD and USB are just a side thought and no one cares. Kudos to Pioneer/MS for fixing this, but sad to even think they had too.

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