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i am new here ...i just had toyota give me a pioneer p3100dvd player as a free replacement for the garbage stock radio in my 2009 tacoma ....the problem is that the dvd will not show as long as the truck is not parked with the parking brake on....i know it can be bypassed or reprogrammed or something i just need total instructions on how to do this and which is the best way i have no experience with auto adio systems so details will help alot..isearched the archives but could not find instructions...can any be so kind to help? thanks

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I don't have the same model as you, I was able to bypass my F700BT with info that I found in hacks and mods section within this forum. Sorry can't be of much help with your question. I replied because I need your help and knowledge, I have an 09 DC Tacoma and purchased a new receiver for the same reason, but without Toyota's assistance. I waited weeks for a replacement, then decided not to bother when their replacement finally arrived. They were going to charge for removing the F700BT. Wondering how to get the same results you did. Please help. Thanks.

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