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F90BT Reboot issue

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Hey Guys,


I've read through the reboot fixes and my issue seems to be a bit different. My unit will reboot at anytime, using the Pioneer map update (V3 update) sd card, testmode even the bootloader menu (menu+map+eject). I've disconnected everything possible that is not needed for bootup to make sure something else wasn't the issue. No luck. It just reboots all the time. I has been back to Pioneer 3 times and they always say there is nothing wrong with the unit. Strangely enough, the unit works fine for about 2 months after I get it back and starts acting up again.


Any help would be amazing!




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i just bought a scion xb and it has a avic f90bt it keeps cycling blue sreen then curent sreen then blue screen it also says system starting please wait.

i saw a youtube video about the test mode files it directed me to avic 411 no luck finding the files can some one help or point me in the right way.

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