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F900BT problems.. Mic not working? Radio Presets not remembered..? HELP??

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I have just installed a 2nd user F900BT from ebay and have a couple of niggly problems..


If anyone could shed some light on the situation, that would be amazing.


I love the unit. I have performed the firmware upgrades for speed etc and installed the new UK maps and speed camera locations.. All seem to work beautifully.


The mic which I carefully hid away behind all of my trim does not receive sound..?


Is it something really obvious..?? Is there any way I can test it..?? I have had a new mic sent from the seller, which also seems to not receive anything!!


Am I looking at taking it to a radio repairers....?


Also: I have quite poor reception on my Radio (UK).. However, when I turn the car off I lose all of my preset radio stations...?


Any ideas radio Guru's???



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