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Anyone fitted a F900bt to a new shaped Audi TT?

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I have the standard Audi Concert CD player




but want to remove it and put in my AVIC F900bt.



I already understand I need to purchase the double-DIN cage and facia surround, and I already have acquired a standard autoleads Audi-ISO cable that I'm hoping will apply.


Anyone got a fitting procedure? Is there something you can do to ensure the Pioneer displays information on the driver's instrument panel like the factory unit already does (track number / radio station name etc.)?



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It will not be possible to retain the information in the drivers display, If this is an important feature to you i suggest you go with an oem audi RNS-E head unit.

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Are there any Pioneer square surround trims that fit the Audi TT >2006 double DIN facia?


I paid a professional to supply the cables and fit the headunit on Saturday. My Concert II had some kind of speaker-amplification system which required special wiring or the speakers were going to be much quieter than they should.


They had to fit 2x amplification transformers to get this to work and used a bespoke wiring method; there doesn't appear to be any genuine off-the-shelf wiring loom for the scenario so beware. I'd advise pulling out your standard radio and checking the existing factory wiring before buying any fitting kits - compatibility isn't at all simple as it used to be!


Here's a pic with it fitted:




You can see the metal showing at the bottom - the black square surround that came with the headunit dosn't appear to fit in the aperture given by the Connects2 facia. Anyone solved this themselves?

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as mentioned in another thread, i would start by painting that metal bracket black to hide it better, then, you could cut a piece of piece ABS plastic and epoxy it to the dash kit to fill the gap.

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