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F900BT and rear-view (backup) camera issues.

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Hello people!


I just registered due to a problem with my Avic F900BT. Generally pleased with the unit and havent had any major problems with it.


Until i decided to install a rear-view camera. I got a simple wired camera and had it installed. Seemed to work for a day, but then it wouldnt switch to the camera view when i put it in reverse. Turns out the reverse gear valve/switch of the car had issues. So i changed it.


Now what happens is that the unit always stays with the black screen with the notice about rear view images could be reversed. It works when i go to reverse, but i cant get into any menu of the unit at all.


Sometimes i have managed to press "menu" or "map" and it shows the start up disclaimer, i can press "ok" and go into the menu. But 99% of the time its just stuck on that screen.


Today i pressed "Map" for a few seconds and it got me into my map and menu, but i obviously something is wrong, i shouldnt have to do this all the time.


Any ideas?


I cant say much about the wiring cause the car electrician did the connection, but we checked it a second time in case there was some mistake. Also i think that if it was some wire, it wouldnt work at all, not only sometimes.


Is there a camera compatibility issue with this unit?


My firmware and unit version is :


Map Version : 02.000600

Version : 3.021000


Its a UK unit.


Thanks for any help !

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