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F900BT and rear-view (backup) camera issues.

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Hello people!


I just registered due to a problem with my Avic F900BT. Generally pleased with the unit and havent had any major problems with it.


Until i decided to install a rear-view camera. I got a simple wired camera and had it installed. Seemed to work for a day, but then it wouldnt switch to the camera view when i put it in reverse. Turns out the reverse gear valve/switch of the car had issues. So i changed it.


Now what happens is that the unit always stays with the black screen with the notice about rear view images could be reversed. It works when i go to reverse, but i cant get into any menu of the unit at all.


Sometimes i have managed to press "menu" or "map" and it shows the start up disclaimer, i can press "ok" and go into the menu. But 99% of the time its just stuck on that screen.


Today i pressed "Map" for a few seconds and it got me into my map and menu, but i obviously something is wrong, i shouldnt have to do this all the time.


Any ideas?


I cant say much about the wiring cause the car electrician did the connection, but we checked it a second time in case there was some mistake. Also i think that if it was some wire, it wouldnt work at all, not only sometimes.


Is there a camera compatibility issue with this unit?


My firmware and unit version is :


Map Version : 02.000600

Version : 3.021000


Its a UK unit.


Thanks for any help !

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just wire you camera or buy a different one that you can wire to your reverse light and when you put your car into reverse it will switch on what there is power to the bulb instead of putting the wire to the cars switch wire

i bought a cheap £12 camera off ebay linked to the revese wire on the head unit and the power to the bulb only problem i had i didnt have the auto camera option slected on the head unit at first never had a problen since hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply :)


So if i got this correctly, you mean i should wire the camera's power to the reverse lamp's wire ?


Would that solve the Pioneer's issue of not booting into the menu though?

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Before i try anything that will cost me and not solve the issue, is there something else i can do to fix this? 


Now the unit  remains stuck on the "rear images may be reversed" sign.  When i go into reverse it works, but then goes back to that screen and i cant get into the unit menu to do anything else (music, maps etc). 

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