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How Can i get F900bt Firmware + 2013 maps

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Hi Everybody,


I recently got a car with the F900 no Maps version in It and its slow and out of date.

Is thee any way that i Can update the firmware to 3.0 and get some recent 2012/13 Maps Euro on It.


I saw that theRe Were Instructions on this site But It was a bit confusing because i dont know anything about an avic and non of the links are working.


If somebody could help me that Would be great!

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I actually bought the cnsd-400fm (eu) update from pioneer last week. It included the 2013 maps and version 5 firmware. Works like a dream. I also bought a car with a never updated unit (it was still on v 1). I updated the unit to v 2, which was a big improvement, but the unit was stil slow. I updated with v 5 a week ago, and couldn't be happier. Much more responsive, navigation is greatly improved. Glad I made the purchase.





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thank you for sharing, worked!




I don't understand the following in http://europecaraudi...system-t35.html, please help.


The next step, how to update Pioneer application: 

When Your SD card is inserted, turn on Your head unit, it should boot into Testmode (It will look like a old Windows XP).

I prefer Total Commander to copy new files - from "\Storage Card\files_for_copy_to_My_Flash_Disk" to Pioneer folder which is "\My Flash Disk"

My used method to copy files: open Total commander, on the left side open Pioneers folder (My Flash Disk), on the right side navigate to Storage Card and open "files_for_copy_to_My_Flash_Disk" folder. Then select all and use "drag&drop" method to copy files to Pioneer unit. My Flash Disk contain the folders APL, APL2, etc. This may take ~15mins.

When copy is completed, remove the card and reset the head unit, if everything went right, You should boot into Pioneer's initial setup.


How can I get Total Commander on the Avic F900BT? Or am I not understanding it?

Thanks for everybody who replys.



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If I understood something right here, when you are in "testmode" WinCE is read from your card and load into the system. One of the apps-link that you see on the WinCE desktop is just Total Commander, useful to manage the files from your card (storage card) to the unit (my flash disk).

Good luck (I'm in trouble like you...)


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