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XM Satellite Radio Icon Not Showing - Pioneer X930BT

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I have a Pioneer X930BT head unit and have the XM GEX-P920XM Satellite Digital Tuner installed.  The XM unit was working fine after initial installation, but about 2 weeks after the install the XM Icon stopped showing up on the screen (not coming up on the left hand menu where ipod, fm, am, sd card, etc. are showing up).  I've tried the all following to try and fix the problem:


- Battery pull (pulled the battery for 1 hour)

- Took out the deck and unplugged the XM plug

- Unplugged the power to the XM Sat unit

- Did a factory reset on the head unit

- Resest my XM radio ID

- Updated to the newest firmware


So far none of this has worked and I'm wondering if anybody else has run into this problem?  I have a one year subscription to XM so that is not the issue.  I'm wondering if it is the head unit itself but given that it was working fine after the initial installation I have no idea what's going on.


If anybody has any tips, help or a solution to this problem i would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks for your time.

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have you checked to make sure the power and ground wires are still good at the XM tuner? (no blown fuses, no loose wires, harness has both 12v+ and ground?)


if the tuner does have power, then you either have a bad XM tuner, a bad IPBus input on the AVIC, or a bad cable. the only easy way to test is to test with a new unit.





you are correct that it has nothing to do with your subscription, even if you didn't pay your bill, it would still show up as a source and play the preview channel. 




also even though i dont think that this is your problem, make sure the the IpBus cable is plugged into the correct port on the tuner (the end of the IPBus connector is color coded to tell you which port is correct)

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