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AVIC-x940bt Update issue

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Long story short, I got this deck October of 2012 and it has been pretty good.  I registered it with pioneer and received the information on the updates 4.6 and 5.1

I had a previous conversation with them prior to the update and they were telling me about some units not having Navteq.  Needless to say I was confused reading which update I needed and did the 5.1 because it said if you don't have an iphone 5 you don't need it and I do have one so I thought that was the difference.. I tried the update and my radio is now useless!!  I tried removing battery cables to reset and nothing!! I removed fuses and nothing! the screen is black and wont do anything.  I called Pioneer and waited on hold for an hour to explain my issue and they said it was because I downloaded the wrong update, the 5.1 is for WHEN the new navteq update comes out.  I asked them if they are waiting for navteq why is it even available??  I have a hard time believing that installing the wrong update would render the radio powerless.  They said I was out of luck and they need to reflash firmware and I need to send it in for a charge. 

Please If there is anyone here who could help me start from scratch or has any advice,  Please let me know



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