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Help! Avic D 2 lost power

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I went into my radio to install a Bluetooth adapter. I just wanted to look. I did not do any of the install but when I went to put radio back it did not power on.


There is a red wire that you see in the foreground of the picture that is sitting out. It looks like it was yanked from somewhere.


It you plug the red wire into the bundle of yellow wires the system powers on. However, that bundle is the battery I believe. The issue is that the system will not turn off when car is turned off.



Any ideas?


I'm pretty sure the red wire is the problem but I just don't know how.




Here is the picture




Just to clarify. The red wire that's exposed is getting power. I hooked a multi meter up to it.

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all you need to do my friend go to any auto store advanced auto zone and buy cheap TEST LIGHT 12 volt circuit tester and clip the to a ground surface make it secure champ on good and then turn on the key to the first or second click then take the test light gently in the back of the factory plug harness finds the wire that only lights when that key is on only not on all the time 

that's +12 volts You want acc 12 volts the one or 2 clicks with the key like said earlier then I like to use quick disconnect male and female spade connectors you can get the red or pink color ones they are usually 18-22 gauge wire connectors so make your connection and bada bing bada boom your in business



I hope this helped


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