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AVIC D3 questions

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I just purchased a D3 used and all it has is the main wiring harness plug and the GPS antenna. The HU works but my question is as far as the "Bypass" which I understand how to do I don't have the white AV plug. I don't have an amp or anything so I wasn't worried about getting one. My main harness has the mute wire in it, so can I just ground it to bypass ? I can hook the leads to 12v and ground and put a dvd in and it plays...  

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Hi there I´m new to the forum but just got a used D3 today with the power/speaker harness only, what I did, is to fisically connect a wire to the bypass pin on the white harness connector and ground it it with the parking brake wire....and it worked....you don´t need to have the rca harness to make it work, just add the cable

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