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Z140BH constant rebooting

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Hi All,


I have a z140BH that I attempted to upgrade the firmware on. Firmware appeared to go fine, but now when I turn the stereo on, it shows the splash screen, then 'reboots' - black screen - splash screen - black screen - splash screen, etc.


Any suggestions?

I followed this thread:




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So I think I solved it... Two problems. I guess I still had the test file (test.reg?) on the SD card with the update, so the update wasn't 'working'. And I guess there's a issue with the other SD card I was using to store my POI's. So removing the test file, it actually updated. Then, booting without the SD card with the favorites, it booted. So time to maybe buy a new SD card to store my favorites on.... And maybe hack the "I agree" screen :)

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