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2nd Camara and 1.11 Firmware

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I have an 8000 NEX.  I just installed 1.11 with seemingly no issues.  I then installed a front camera on my truck.  I have set the AV input to Camera, but the AV input does not show up on the source list, so I can't select it to use it.  I know the camera is functioning, because I can select it in the Picture Adjustments menu, and I can see the image it is producing.  


I don't know if the problem was there with the old firmware.  But youtube has a couple videos showing how to set it up that were made a year or so ago.  And it worked then.  I'm wondering if they broke or deleted the feature when they updated the firmware.


I have the parking brake wire grounded, with the software bypass in place.  


Any ideas?

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I somewhat solved it.  The AUX input does support video, and the input shows up on the AV input menu.  I can use the steering wheel controls to scroll to the AUX input, and see my front camera.  I never did get the second camera input working.  


If you do this, you need a 3.5 mm mini-jack to RCA adaptor.  The minijack plugs into the head unit, next to the antenna input.   Rather than pay $45 for the Pioneer minijack adaptor, I bought one for $5 on Amazon.  Mini jacks are not all made to the same standard.  I got unlucky, and it wasn't set up correctly, so I rewired it.  The correct order for the rings, starting at the base is Video - Common - unused - unused.  I cut off the red and white connectors. 


If you by a minijack adaptor, it would be simpler than rewiring if you just bought one with common on the second ring.  The use whatever color RCA connector is connected to the first ring.   

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