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NEX 82XX and GPS Antenna Location in firmware

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Unless I'm thinking about the prior Z, I could have sworn in my 8000, there was a option in the settings to tell it where the GPS antenna was installed - forward of vehicle or rearward.


Just poking around the 8200. I don't see such a option.


Actually, as I type this, I'm pretty accurate there was such a option in my 8000, as I was never too crazed about it'a accuracy, as it always seemed a couple feet short.....and remember such options when I was tinkering around.

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Mike -


Maybe I'm having a moment and I'm thinking about it in the Z Series.

And or it was in the 8000, but a firmware update removed it ?


I kinda remember when GPS had me all over the place on the map, there was a setting that allowed you to tell the system if the antenna was installed forward or rearward placement.

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